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Iwami Bakushu Information

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Iwami Bakushu is a craft beer brewery just opened in Gotsu City in the west part of Shimane prefecture. In order to make local sake unique to this area, two couples launched a small brewery of 9 tsubo. One of the premises behind Iwami Bakushu is to craft beer by maximizing the use of agricultural products such as barley that are grown near thee River Enoshima and also products near the Japan sea.

Iwami Bakushu Regular Lineup

The following are part of Iwami Bakushu’s regular lineup:

  • Iwami Belgian White 301 – a 3.5% Belgian wit brewed with yuzu and coriander.
  • Iwami Belgian White 307 – a 3.5% Belgian wit brewed with lemon, coriander, and Japanese pepper.
  • Iwami American Pale Ale 520 – a 5% American pale ale brewed with imported American Cascade hops and lemon.
  • Iwami Saison 744 – a 4.5% saison brewed with rice and yuzu.
  • Iwami Saison 747 – a 4.5% saison brewed with rice and lemon.
  • Iwami Session IPA 151 – a 4.5% session IPA brewed with beats, sheequarsar, and harumikan.
  • Iwami Dry Stout 960 – a 4.5% stout flavoured with locally roasted coffee.

Iwami Bakushu Seasonal and Limited Lineup

Iwami Bakushu Details

Address: 〒695-0016 Shimane Prefecture, Gotsu, Kakushicho, 405

Phone: 0855-25-5740


Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.iwami-bakushu.com/

Online Store: http://shop.iwami-bakushu.com/

SNS: Facebook

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