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Songbird Extra by Brewery Songbird

by Rob
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Songbird Extra is a 6.5% Belgian ale from Brewery Songbird, based in Kisarazu, in Chiba, Japan. It’s part of their autumn seasonal range and can be found in bottles, and on the rare chance, some kegs are available. Songbird Extra takes the Songbird Blonde and ramps up the malt and yeast by some unknown amount thus making it extra …. though the part after extra is leaving us hanging for more information! Extra special? Extra good? Extra alcohol – for sure!

Songbird Extra・ソングバードエクストラ

Songbird Extra Aroma and Taste

Songbird Extra poured out a hazy light rich orange gold colour with a tiny amount of white bubbles around the side of the glass that didn’t last long. The bubbles left a white streaks across the top of the beer though. The beer had a honey, biscuit nose to it, with some peppery orange notes going on that were different but nice. The yeast brought some estery aromas to the beer, which were mild when the beer was chilled but became more pronounced once Songbird Extra had warmed up.

The body to Songbird Extra was nigh on identical to the nose – an estery body punctuated with fruity notes of orange and some honey when chilled, but more pronounced once it had warmed up. For those wanting hop flavours, there was next to nothing in Songbird Extra – it’s all about the malts and yeast, which is a good thing. The lingering honey and estery flavours in the aftertaste were warming, and the alcohol brought a little bit of heat to the beer.


Songbird Extra The Bottom Line

Think of Songbird Extra as a fruity Belgian ale and you’d be on the right track.

Where to Buy Songbird Extra

Songbird Extra can be bought online at the following places:

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