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Songbird Blonde by Brewery Songbird

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Songbird Blonde is a Belgian blonde ale from Brewery Songbird that is part of their expanding range of Belgian style beers. It’s a 5% beer and is labelled as a session beer in the hope that you’ll drink lots of it, thus giving Brewery Songbird more money. It’s been seen on both tap and in bottled form but the bottles were first released in June 2015.

Songbird Blonde ソングバードブロンドSongbird Blonde Aroma and Taste

I really like the retro labels on Brewery Songbird’s beers as they stand out from some of the staid designs that adorn craft beers in the store. Simple as they may be, sometimes doing something different, a la craft beer, makes a big change. Label designs are an area of design that is need of great improvement in Japan.

Moving back on to Songbird Blonde, it poured out a hazy golden straw like colour with a decent amount of fluffy, white head on top. Nothing too fancy mind as it disappeared pretty quick into the beer. Aroma wise, big levels of yeast and some lemon aromas too coming off. It wasn’t a complex beer nor was there a lot going on either.

The bitterness in the body was balanced with some mild sweetness that didn’t really develop further into different levels nor tastes. It would be impossible to say “oh it was caramel sweet” or “it was lemon curd sweet”, it just tasted, well, sweet. Songbird Blonde was easy drinking though and slipped down very quickly but never really left any strong memories.


Songbird Blonde One Line Review

Songbird Blonde needs to be developed further in terms of getting the best of the flavours as nothing special stood out about it.

Where to Buy Songbird Blonde

Songbird Blonde can be bought from the following places:

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