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Sankt Gallen Shonan Gold Sweet Orange Ale by Sankt Gallen

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Another summer and another offering from Sankt Gallen, using summer fruits in their recipes, this time around, using Shonan gold oranges to make this sweet Beer. And Shonan Gold Sweet Orange Ale. Kind of.

Shonan Gold Sweet Orange Ale

How many oranges can you fit into a glass? This much.

Shonan Gold Sweet Orange Ale Aroma and Taste

As soon as you open the bottle, the pungency of the orange hits you. Shonan Gold Sweet Orange Ale doesn’t overpower on the hops but it is the main aroma but then it doesn’t pour with much of a head and the bronze body is lighter than expected for an ale.

Of course, Shonan Gold Sweet Orange Ale smells like orange and tastes like orange. But the delicate flavour doesn’t last long with a slight bitterness coming through. I expected something a little more complex in flavours, perhaps some lemon or grapefruit flavour due to the citrus nature of the beer but was left disappointed. Shonan Gold Sweet Orange Ale would work well with a heavy dessert, such as cheesecake, but not a daily beer.

Shonan Gold Sweet Orange Ale One-line review

Buy if you like fruit beers, else leave alone.


Where to Buy Shonan Gold Sweet Orange Ale

Sankt Gallen Shonan Gold can be bought online at the following places:

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