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Tri Star Beer Restaurant in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

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Tri Star Beer Restaurant The Bottom Line

With Kanazawa’s highest number of taps, there is bound to be something on tap that you want to drink, despite the lineup being narrow on the day we went to Tri Star Beer Restaurant, I’d still recommend the place. The whole place is non-smoking and has no table charge; however, even though there is a sign that says they don’t speak English, someone went to the trouble of writing some English on the menus, though we do recommend going with someone who has a basic understanding of ordering. The prices don’t include tax, and unfortunately, it’s cash only at Tri Star Beer Restaurant. However, they do takeaway beers, so pick one up for the road.

Tri Star Beer Restaurant Inside・トライスタービアレストラン店内

Tri Star Beer Restaurant The Full Review

Tri Star Beer Restaurant was meant to be the first bar on our Kanazawa bar crawl, but it was busy on the day and couldn’t get in. Not a bad problem to have in Kanazawa as most of the other bars we went to were much, much, MUCH quieter in comparison. It opened in April 2017 and, at the time of writing, offers up the highest number of taps of craft beer in the Kanazawa area, but more about that later.

Tri Star Beer Restaurant, located just around the corner from Craft Beer Dive Futa’s and Che, it forms a nice a little craft beer crawl you could do. It’s also really easy to spot with it’s bright white exterior being lit up with four lights shining down on it. You’d have to be looking down at your feet to avoid not seeing this place. Inside, there are 6 counter seats with space outback for 12 at some tables. There is also a standing area too as you come in, but thankfully the whole place is non-smoking and there isn’t a table charge either.

Tri Star Beer Restaurant Beer 1・トライスタービアレストランビール1Tri Star Beer Restaurant Beer 2・トライスタービアレストランビール2Tri Star Beer Restaurant Beer 3・トライスタービアレストランビール3

At Tri Star Beer Restaurant, there are anywhere between 10 and 20 taps of craft beer, with a split between domestic and imports on. When we went, there were only 10 taps due to it being winter and most people wanting to stay home during the week. The beers come in two sizes: small (250ml) from ¥750 to ¥850, and pint (473ml) from ¥1100 to ¥1200. Those prices do not include tax, so make sure you add it on in your head. There’s no happy hour or beer flights on at Tri Star Beer Restaurant, but there are takeaway beers! Result!

Tri Star Beer Restaurant Food 1・トライスタービアレストランフード1Tri Star Beer Restaurant Food 2・トライスタービアレストランフード2

With Tri Star Beer Restaurant being on some kind of winter break, there was only basic bar food on when we went. Think chips, sausages, some finger dishes like that. The food was cooked fresh to order and was searing hot – there’s a reason why that glove is on the cast iron pan. There are a few basic vegetarian options though we suggest eating elsewhere before going here during the bar hours.

Tri Star Beer Restaurant Details

Open: Winter Weekdays 18:00 – 24:00 Weekends 19:00 – 24:00 / Other Times Weekdays 18:00 – 24:00 Weekends 12:00 – 24:00

Close: Wednesday

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 076-223-6700

Homepage: N/A

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Tri Star Beer Restaurant

Directions from Kanazawa Station

Directions from Nomachi Station

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