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Home Bar Review Korinbo Jibiruba in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Korinbo Jibiruba in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

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Korinbo Jibiruba The Bottom Line

Korinbo Jibiruba is a bar for craft beer fans with its ever-changing lineup of both regular and harder to find craft beers. While the prices are on the slightly higher side, for some of the rarer beers on tap, they are very good value for money. As with all other places it seems in Kanazawa, the bar owners and staff were incredibly chatty and funny, but not in a pushy OTT manner. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and prices include tax. However, there wasn’t much English in the bar but the bar staff were willing to help out. Another positive thing to note is that Korinbo Jibiruba also has takeaway beers available.

Korinbo Jibiruba Inside・香林坊ジビルバ店内

Korinbo Jibiruba The Full Review

Korinbo Jibiruba opened in July 2013 and was one of the first bars to usher in craft beer into the Korinbo / Katamachi area of Kanazawa. There are few craft beer bars older than Korinbo Jibiruba, and it shows both inside and out. It’s easy to walk past Korinbo Jibiruba, with its dark coloured shop front on one of the numerous back alleys in Kanazawa, so make sure you look on the map carefully else you might end up walking up and down the street numerous times in search of the bar.

As Korinbo Jibiruba is one of the oldest craft beer bars in the area, it does have a lot of character – posters and black boards with menus on, to old beer labels from kegs posted up on the wooden walls. It’s a cosy and warm place, with bar staff being courteous but friendly. There are 6 counter seats, 6 seats at two high tables, a couple of places to lean on while standing, and also a small drinking area out of the front of the store when Korinbo Jibiruba gets busy. And it does! Within an hour of us being there, it had filled up with only standing room left. The whole place is non-smoking and also has no table charge as well. However, one thing to note is that it’s cash only at Korinbo Jibiruba, so make sure you have plenty of it on you – especially when the rarer beers are on the menu.

Korinbo Jibiruba Beer 4・香林坊ジビルバビール4Korinbo Jibiruba Beer 1・香林坊ジビルバビール1Korinbo Jibiruba Beer 2・香林坊ジビルバビール2Korinbo Jibiruba Beer 3・香林坊ジビルバビール3

There are eight taps of craft beer on at Korinbo Jibiruba with a leaning towards domestic ones though from time to time, there are some imports on as well. The beers come in two sizes: glass (295ml) from ¥780 to ¥890 and also pint (473ml) from ¥1090 to ¥1190. Prices also include tax. I didn’t notice any happy hour or beer flights but they do offer up takeaway beers – a good idea for when you see some 9% beers you want to drink a bit later.

Korinbo Jibiruba Food 1・香林坊ジビルバフード1Korinbo Jibiruba Food 2・香林坊ジビルバフード2

There is also a wide variety of food on from simple fried food such as chips, chicken, and sausages to pizzas, pickles, and also a pairing meal of cheeses, which change throughout the month. There’s something for everyone, including vegetarians, but most of the menus are in Japanese unfortunately.

Korinbo Jibiruba Details

Open: Weekdays 18:00 – 24:00 Weekends & Holidays 15:00 – 24:00

Closed: Tuesdays

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 076-231-1239

Homepage (in Japanese):

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Korinbo Jibiruba

Directions from Kanazawa Station

Directions from Nomachi Station

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