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Craft Beer Mugibatake in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

by Rob

Craft Beer Mugibatake The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for something family friendly and straight-forward, then Craft Beer Mugibatake is right up your street. Its family restaurant orientated decor left us feeling a bit cold, but it is this design that makes it good for those trying to find somewhere they can take their kids. The tap list won’t excite the hardcore craft beer fans in search of some rare or big beers though, so don’t come expecting double IPAs, sours, or other niche beers. The whole place is non-smoking and there is also no table charge; however, prices do not include tax so make sure you remember to add on the 8% at the end of your drinking and none of the menus were in English.

Craft Beer Mugibatake Inside・クラフトビア麦畑店内

Craft Beer Mugibatake The Full Review

Craft Beer Mugibatake opened in April 2017 in one of the quieter drinking areas of Korinbo, in Kanazawa. It’s also easy to walk past if you’re coming from the north – in fact it was only when I looped back on myself, and looked up, that I came across the bar. Like the other bars we’ve been to in Kanazawa, it’s a fair trek from any train station.

Entering Craft Beer Mugibatake is weird – it’s almost as if it had been a family restaurant in a previous life – perhaps a Saizeriya – with its long benches that span the length of the walls, low tables that are surrounded by low wicker chairs. Very peculiar but then when it comes to hunting down and drinking craft beer, Craft Beer Mugibatake is not the strangest place we’ve been to by a long way. There are seven counter seats and also plenty of space on the benches and chairs for around 40 people. The whole place is non-smoking and it is also family friendly, with some kids in attendance on the day we went. There is also no table charge either.

Craft Beer Mugibatake Beer 1・クラフトビア麦畑ビール1Craft Beer Mugibatake Beer 2・クラフトビア麦畑ビール2Craft Beer Mugibatake Beer 3・クラフトビア麦畑ビール3

There are 6 taps on at Craft Beer Mugibatake, with all of the taps dedicated to domestic craft beer – both local and from farther afield. The beers come in two sizes: small (250ml) for ¥800 to ¥900 and large (473ml) for ¥1250 to ¥1350. It’s certainly not the cheapest place in Kanazawa to drink beer but the prices do not include tax. There is no happy hour though, nor is there a beer flight option either. A shame really as it’s good to see a bar promoting local beers, but would be good to have a sample of them rather than paying these prices for something that may not turn out well.

Craft Beer Mugibatake Food・クラフトビア麦畑フード

The food at Craft Beer Mugibatake is geared more meat and it’s a big part of the menu – so vegetarians may be left wanting. Most of the dishes though are similar to what you can find in a Japanese family restaurant like Saizeriya, with fried chicken, chips, pizzas, and the such. None of the menus were in English, so make sure you have someone who can read some Japanese. The portions are on the small size too, which reinforced the idea of a family craft beer restaurant.

Craft Beer Mugibatake Details

Open: Monday to Wednesday / Friday to Sunday 18:00 to 24:00 (L.O Food 23:00 Drink 23:30)

Closed: Thursday

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 076-225-7320

Homepage (in Japanese): https://craftbeer-mugibatake.gorp.jp/

SNS: Facebook /Instagram

How to Get to Craft Beer Mugibatake

Directions from Kanazawa Station
Directions from Nomachi Station

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Christopher Phillips February 27, 2019 - 2:47 pm

BBes mugibatake is in gotemba.

Rob February 27, 2019 - 3:06 pm

BBes?! Best? Beer Best?

Lost us with this comment.


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