Home Bar Review Closed: Towers Beer Bar in Kyobashi, Tokyo

Closed: Towers Beer Bar in Kyobashi, Tokyo

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Editor’s Note: Towers Beer Bar closed in January 2018. This review has been left up for archive purposes.

Towers Beer Bar The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for something small and cosy, with a friendly atmosphere, then Towers Beer Bar is right up your street. It’s not going to set the world alight in terms of beer lists nor in gourmet food; however, it is a fun little dive bar to have some beers – when you’re going between bars such as the Craft Beer iBrews. The bar is non-smoking and there is no table charge with all prices including tax too.

Towers Beer Bar Inside

No panorama shot of this bar needed.

Towers Beer Bar The Full Review

Dive bars seem to be becoming more common place with Tokyo – perhaps a divergence from the identikit / cookie-cutter chains of Craft Beer Markets and Yona Yona Kitchens that seem to be decorated the same way – china white tiles and wood all over the place. Dive bars, such as Towers Beer Bar, Craft Beer Bar iBrew and its sister bar Craft Beer iBrew Wired, to name but three, seem to revel in sparse word down conditions with minimal amount of decoration inside.Towers Beer Bar has been on our list for a while now but Kyobashi and Ginza aren’t often on our radar for beers.

Towers Beer Bar has been around now for over a decade – long before the current “boom” of craft beer hit Japan and has been in its current location – just two minutes from Kyobashi station – ever since. To say Towers Beer Bar is small is being generous. On the day we went, there were three of us, plus two other people in the bar, and it felt busy. It could probably hold eight, maybe ten people at a push, though it’s all standing there. With it being all-standing, don’t expect any kind of table charge – there are no tables inside.

Towers Beer Bar Beer 1
Minamishinshu IPA https://goo.gl/g1Gl9H
Towers Beer Bar Beer 2
Baird Rising Sun Pale Ale https://goo.gl/cuHcwb

If we were giving out awards for beer lists – which we should do considering the sheer amount of bars we’ve been to – then Towers Beer Bar wouldn’t be getting any.  Not to say it’s bad, but the beer list was “safe” on the day we went – well what beer there was anyway. There are supposed to be six taps on – varying between domestic and imported but twice did they run out of beer without any replacement coming on. Beers seemed to come in one size only – US pint size – with prices all around the ¥1,000 yen but those prices did include tax. If there is a happy hour, then we didn’t see one advertised.


And Towers Beer Bar is not going to win any awards for food – besides some snacks or small finger dishes, there was nothing on – and that suited us just fine. Towers Beer Bar is a place for drinking and chatting and enjoying the beer.

Towers Beer Bar Details

Open: Weekdays 17:30 – 23:00 (L.O 22:30) Saturdays 15:00 – 20:00 (L.O. 19:30)

Close: Sundays

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-3272-8488

Homepage (in Japanese): http://towersbeer.com/

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Towers Beer Bar

The closest station to Towers Beer Bar is Kyobashi on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line. Take exit number three and the bar is less than two minutes away. It can also be reached from Ginza-itchome station

Directions from Kyobashi Station

Directions from Ginza-itchome Station

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