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Fujiyama Beer in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi

by Rob
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Fujiyama Beer The Bottom Line

I had been warned beforehand about this place, but I’m not surprised that Fujiyama Beer’s aren’t more readily available as the quality of the ones I had were sub-standard, considering the amount of time the brewery has been around for. While the bar / restaurant itself is a nice little place in the countryside, that is perhaps the only thing worth trekking out for. The beers are reasonably priced for the size, but I’d spend a few extra minutes traveling to Fujizakura if you can instead of here. The building itself is non-smoking, has no table, and all the prices include tax as well. However, none of the menus were in English, nor were we offered any either. You can also buy the beers to takeaway too in either 1L cans or 2L growlers for those people driving.

Fujiyama Beer InsideFujiyama Beer The Full Review

Sitting in a car doing nothing is hard work, you know? Watching the countryside fly by while chatting or singing away (there are videos around of it!) is thirsty work so what better than to stop off at a brewery to get some beers. Fujiyama Beer was on the way to our campsite, though one member of the party did mention the beer wasn’t very good. That’s not going to stop us at BeerTengoku – we have to try the beer ourselves to make sure though. Fujiyama Beer is located in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi and is only really accessible by car or by coach. The nearest station to it is Mt. Fuji Station on the Fujikyuko Line but you could do a 15-minute bus ride from there if you don’t want to do the 45-minute walk.

Fujiyama Beer originally opened in 1995, but this modern building was reopened in 2014. It is located in a small outlet area owned by Mont Bell, and has spaces both inside and outside. There is space for about 80 people in the large German hall-esque building with space for another 20 or so outside on the terrace. It’s possible to observe the brewing process during the day as the back of the bar has glass windows to look through. The whole building is non-smoking though the outside area is open to smokers. I didn’t notice any WiFi in the area from the brewery; however, there was a random signal from the Mont Bell next door that could be used.

Fujiyama Beer 1Fujiyama Beer 2
Fujiyama Weizen
Fujiyama Beer 3
Fujiyama Pilsner

The beers – we had to come to them at some point. Let’s start off with some positives. They’re cheap with small beers (300ml) at ¥480, medium (500ml) at ¥680, and also pitchers (1.6L) at ¥1,890, with all the prices including tax. The beers can also be bought to takeaway with 1L cans and refillable 2L growlers also available. And that’s about it for positives. The beers I had – the pilsner and the hefeweizen – were mediocre representations of the styles they were supposed to represent. They were drinkable when chilled but as soon as they had warmed up, then the off-flavours, and also lack of clove and yeast flavour in the hefeweizen, became more noticeable.


I didn’t have any of the food at Fujiyama Beer, mainly because none of us were hungry and were just passing through for some beers. Even though it’s a German-style beer hall, there were plenty of options on the Japanese-only menu, with salads, fried foods, pastas, and pizzas all going. There were even some vegetarian options as well – a surprise considering the area Fujiyama Beer is located in is famed for it’s pork products.

Fujiyama Beer Details

Open: Daily 11:00 to 21:00 (L.O Admission 19:00 Food 20:00 Drink 20:30)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 0555-24-4800

Homepage (in Japanese):

SNS: Twitter

How to Get to Fujiyama Beer

The closest station to Fujiyama Beer is Mt. Fuji station on on the Fujikyuko Line.

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1 comment

Chuwy May 28, 2019 - 12:41 pm

Went back a few weeks ago and they had really improved. Pilsner was pretty good. A maibock at 8% was really good but the weizen still poor.
THey used t be contaminated awful messes wiht the weizenbock like swimming pool water and dirty socks.
Theyve gotten better.


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