Far Yeast Brewing Company Interview

Far Yeast Brewing Front・ファーイーストブルーイングフロント

What comes first – the brewery or the beer? In this day and age, with contract breweries making beer for others, and phantom breweries popping up at different breweries to make a beer before going elsewhere, it’s not a straightforward question. Moreover, if you’ve dealt with any Japanese official then you’ll have been met with bureaucracy galore. Far Yeast Brewing …

Uchu Brewing Information

Uchu Brewing Information

Uchu Brewing is a Japanese craft beer brewery located in Hokuto city, in Yamanashi, Japan. Uchu Brewing started brewing in March 2018 with the first beers being released in May of the same year. Unlike many other breweries in Japan, Uchu Brewing actually started out by growing their own hops as to use in their own beer; however, they soon learnt afterwards …

Yatsugatake Touchdown Brewery Information

Yatsugatake Beer Touchdown Logo

Yatsugatake Touchdown Brewery is a craft beer brewery located in Kiyosato, in Yamanashi, Japan. The brewery opened in 1997 and incorporates the brewery and the bar brewpub Rock on the premises too. The beers are based around German style beers and the brewmaster Kazumi Yamada joined Yatsugatake Beer Touchdown after 40 years working at Kirin. Yatsugatake Touchdown Main Lineup The …


Fujiyama Beer in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi

Fujiyama Beer Front

Fujiyama Beer The Bottom Line I had been warned beforehand about this place, but I’m not surprised that Fujiyama Beer’s aren’t more readily available as the quality of the ones I had were sub-standard, considering the amount of time the brewery has been around for. While the bar / restaurant itself is a nice little place in the countryside, that is …

Outsider Brewing Information

Outsider Brewing Logo

Outsider Brewing is located in Kofu, Yamanashi around 90 minutes west of Tokyo. Outsider Brewing have been producing beers since 2012 with head brewer Niwa-san having an excellent reputation in the Japanese craft beer industry, and owner Mark Major personally sourcing him out to join the company. The company is noted for using wild yeast flavours in their beers, rather …


Fujizakura Heights Beer by Fujikankokaihatsu

Fujizakura Heights Beer

Fujizakura Heights Beer, also known as Fujikankokaihatsu, is a brewery based in Yamanashi, near Kawaguchi Lake. Fujizakura Heights Beer leans heavily towards German style beers, due to the head brewer Miyashita Hiromichi learning his trade in Germany back in 1996. They have also won several awards for their beers with the Fujizakura Heights Rauch voted best rauch style beer. The biggest problem with …


Interview with Mark Major, Outsider Brewing

Outsider Brewing Mark and Niwa-san

If Niwa-san is the brains of Outsider Brewing, then Mark is the brawn of it. A strange analogy to use but without either of the pair, Outsider Brewing would not exist in its current form. When BeerTengoku went to meet them, we first met Niwa-san, interview here, and Mark walked in confidently about twenty minutes later, sharing jokes with Niwa-san and injecting …

Interview with Niwa-san from Outsider Brewing

Interview with Niwa-san 1

For those knowledgeable about the Japanese craft beer scene, Niwa-san from Outsider Brewing could be revered with a quasi-deity like status among brewers in Japan. For those new to the scene or without much interest, you may have already tried some of his beers without realizing, with Iwate Kura being a good showcase to start from. Niwa-san was modest to …