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Home Bar Review Baird Numazu Fishmarket in Numazu, Shizuoka

Baird Numazu Fishmarket in Numazu, Shizuoka

by Rob
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Baird Numazu Fishmarket The Bottom Line

Sometimes the original isn’t always the best. That’s not saying Baird Numazu Fishmarket isn’t worth going to, but I’ve been spoilt by Baird Beer in Kanto too much – BBQ, Pizza, Yakitori, and fried food on sticks, along with tasty beer. Baird Numazu Fishmarket offers up the Baird Beer on tap, along with some of the cheapest prices you are going to find it at, with views though that are hard to beat (we’re yet to visit the Hakuba and Los Angeles places nudge nudge wink wink). The whole place is non-smoking as well as having no table charge – starting to notice a trend here in the countryside port towns that have craft beer.

Baird Numazu Fishmarket DownstairsBaird Numazu Fishmarket Upstairs

Baird Numazu Fishmarket The Full Review

So Baird Numazu Fishmarket is where it all started out in 2000 – the final piece in our Baird Beer puzzle it seems, having now visited all of the Baird Beer owned Taprooms. The place where the brewpub outgrew its source and moved out to a bigger brewery, deeper into the Izu peninsula in Shuzenji in 2014. To this day, there are still remnants of when Baird Numazu Fishmarket used to be Japan’s smallest brewery, at a time when breweries up producing 10x the amount that Bryan and Sayuri Baird were making.

Baird Numazu Fishmarket is about a 30 minute walk from Numazu station – and those beers are going to be worth the wait. You could probably get a bus from the station if you’re worried about the long walk. Thankfully, Joe wasn’t with me this time, and I knew where we were going without the use of Google Maps. There are two floors to Baird Numazu Fishmarket – the first is all-standing around some high tables while the second is your usual sit-down Baird Beer environment. The first floor has space for about 40 people standing, if you don’t mind sharing tables, while the second has space for about 30 people seated. Both floors have a great view looking over the harbour area, along with the aromas from the sea wafting in. The whole place is non-smoking and has no table charge either.

Baird Numazu Fishmarket Beer 1Baird Numazu Fishmarket Beer 2

There is your usual line up of beers at Baird Numazu Fishmarket though there are some restrictions. The first floor is more of a standing bar for one or two beers and has two beers on tap, while the second floor is perhaps more familiar to most with the whole range of regular Baird Beers on tap, with some seasonals as well. Beers on the first floor cost 500yen for about 350ml and come in plastic cups, so I assumed these can be taken out of the bar. The second floor has large beers (500ml / 400ml) for ¥800 while halves are (250ml / 200ml) for ¥500. You can also take these beers downstairs in plastic cups if you want to but do let the staff know. There isn’t any happy hour on though Baird do have a discount card (12 large beers for ¥8000) that can only be used here and in the Baird Beer Brewery Gardens Taproom branch too. More importantly, all of the prices include tax.


The food at Baird Numazu Fishmarket is based around simple Izakaya – Japanese pub – dishes but all I had on the day was some eda mame (soy beans) as I knew dinner was coming up soon at a local sushi place. All of the menus are in English and the staff will also help out if you have problems with Japanese.

Baird Numazu Fishmarket Details

Open: Weekdays 17:00 to 00:00 Weekends 12:00 to 00:00

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 055-963-2628

Homepage: English / Japanese

SNS: Facebook

How to Get to Baird Numazu Fishmarket

Baird Numazu Fishmarket is about a 30 minute walk from Numazu station.

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