iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki in Kawasaki, Kanagawa

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iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki The Bottom Line

iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki suffers from the same problems the branches in Shibuya and Futakotamagawa do – the beer menu is pretty run of the mill and can be had for cheaper in other places. If you’re in the area for some shopping then it isn’t a bad place to be, but it’s hard to recommend it over On The Marks or TK Brewing (when open) It is quite spacious inside and the whole place is non-smoking but it suffers from the same fate as other chains of craft beer bars do in that it appears to be identical and lacks character. The prices don’t include tax though there isn’t a table charge at all. The food menu has some English on but for some strange reason, the beer menu doesn’t at all. For those wanting WiFi, then the Atre building does offer up some.

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iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki The Full Review

iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki is the first of two (chain) craft beer bars to open up in Atre Kawasaki, with Platinum Fish Marche (coming next week!) being the second. iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki is the third in the (slowly) expanding chain of bars that seem to be heading south, away from Tokyo. It opened in February 2018 when the Atre building had finished its redesign.

iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki is located close to the north exit of JR Kawasaki station, on the fourth floor of the Atre building. With it being located on the corner, it is nice and airy inside, with lots of natural light coming through. There is space for about 80 people inside, with around 10 seats at the counter. The whole place, well building in fact, is non-smoking and there is also no table charge either.

The tap list at iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki has twelve taps of beer, with one of those being Heartland, one of the better macro efforts from Kirin. Beers come in two sizes: 1/2 pint (240ml) for ¥630, and US pint (470ml) for ¥1,030. Neither price includes tax so you need to add that on at the end, but at least they give you a receipt for your beers as you drink. If you’re hunting for some rarer beers, then iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki isn’t the best place considering Platinum Fish Marche had a much better range on tap. There is also a beer flight of four 150ml beers for ¥1,100 but no happy hour. The servings were ok, nothing too heady nor flat.

Food-wise – let’s just say iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki are stick in the muds and unable to bend or deviate from the menu – even for a small portion of chips. They follow a strict meal time of lunch, tea, and dinner meals, with nothing else available that’s not on the menu. The food menus are partially in English, unlike the beer menus, and there was also a limited selection of vegetarian food.

iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki Details

Open: Daily 11:00 – 23:00(Food L.O.22:00/Drink 22:30)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 044-200-4920

Homepage (in Japanese): http://www.sazaby-league.co.jp/brands/detail/le-sun-palm/


How to Get to iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki

The closest station to iBeer Le Sun Palm Kawasaki is JR Kawasaki in the Nambu, Tokaido, and Keihin Tohoku Line. You can also get there from the Keikyu line as well.

Directions from JR Kawasaki

Directions from Keikyu Kawasaki
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