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Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 by Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu

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Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 is a 6.5% weizenbock from Fuji Kanko Kaihatsu, based in Yamanashi, Japan. It’s part of their draft range of beers that can be found at the BeerBar Fujizakura Roppongi branch and also made its way into bottles too. As the name indicates, Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 is the second iteration of the beer, with this having been brewed for the first anniversary celebrations of the bar. Unlike the first though, Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 has also been seen at other bars across Kanto, so perhaps Fujizakura are looking into moving into more bars across Japan?

Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2

Not a weizen like I thought it was – read the label properly!

Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 Aroma and Taste

I should have read the label properly – for some reason I thought this was a weizen so used the weizen glass only to find it explode upwards like a volcano about to erupt, with pyroclastic flow. The head flew up and over the side of the glass but I managed to save enough of it to review. Either Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 was overcarbed or deliberately this lively, so make sure you use the right glass if you manage to get a bottle.

Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 poured out a hazy dull golden honey colour with a fluffy white head on top that lingered until the end of drinking. It had a pungent bananary clove aroma, though it did also smell like honey – a beautiful luxurious honey aroma. The only thing that hinted towards the weizenbock was the alcohol, which only came through once the beer had warmed up, but even then, the honey-like quality just kept me coming back for more smelling.

The smoothness in the body stopped Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 from becoming cloying, with the carbonation as well ensuring that it didn’t feel heavy either on the palate too. The banana and clove flavours came through towards the end, along with a slight citrus hint of flavour too. It ended up being well balanced, with the honey flavour coming gently coming through, ensuring that Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 doesn’t end up being overly sweet.


Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 The Bottom Line

It would be interesting to see how the bottled version compares with the draft version – looks like a plan there. Even then, Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 is a nice beer and it’s good to see Fujizakura shipping it out to other bars now too.

Where to Buy Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2

Fujizakura Heights Roppongi Draft 2 can be bought online at the following places:

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