Home Bar Review [Closed]: Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi in Yoshidamachi, Kannai

[Closed]: Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi in Yoshidamachi, Kannai

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Editor Note: Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi One has closed down. This review has been kept for posterity’s sake

Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi One Paragraph Review

If you come to Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi for the craft beer, then there isn’t much of a selection and you may leave disappointed; however, the house beer, a California commons Green × Brimmer Cowgoyle, is nice. All the prices include tax so there are no surprises at the end of the meal and it is also a non-smoking shop too. If you come for the food though, you’ll have plenty of excellent selection which will leave your taste buds wanting more. Be warned, there is a table charge though of 300yen per person.

Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi

JJ Abrams would be proud of the lens flare.

Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi Full Review

After visiting Bashamichi Green (reviewed here), I wanted to go to Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi as well; however, it’s not open at lunch time so that caused a problem. Moreover, with Bay Brewing Yokohama around the corner and Sakura Taps across the bridge, it was always going to be difficult to get here unless I got there for the beginning of a drinking session. Ironically, on the day I planned to go, I wanted to stop into Sakura Taps for some cheap end of year beer but it was closing as soon as we got there due to having run out of beer. So it meant Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi was a go.

Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi is located about five minutes from Kannai on the Yokohama Blue Line, but it can also be reached via Kannai on the Keihin Tohoku line. It’s pretty much in between Noge, an old drinking district near Sakuragicho and Kannai, that has a variety of izakayas, bars, and other drinking establishments. Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi is the latest of the three Charcoal Green’s to open, having done so in 2015. It follows the same style of BBQ food along with some grilled and fried food too. The beer range isn’t extensive, with one tap of Kirin Heartland and four taps of craft beer, with three of those dedicated to Japanese craft beer. An easy decision there, three taps of craft beer it is for more.

Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi Beer 1
The drinks menu. The beers are in the middle of the menu.
Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi Beer 2
Swan Lake Porter. Review:
Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi Beer 2
(L) Swan Lake Porter (R) Yokohama Beer Weizen

Like Bashamichi Green, the beers come in two sizes: medium at about 270ml for ¥720 and regular which is a US pint for ¥980. Prices are the same for all the craft beers: imported or domestic and prices included tax already. There wasn’t much of a choice of beer with either the Green × Brimmer Cowgoyle, Yokohama Beer Weizen, or the Swan Lake Porter on tap. So all three were had and again, much like the Bashamichi Green servings, came with a reasonable, if not questionable, amount of head on top. I did ask for less head on the second and third beers, but I think either the staff were not listening or didn’t care as the amount of head served appeared to be the same.

Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi Food 1
New Haven Cajun Meat Pizza - thin and crispy but yummy.
Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi Food 2
Grilled mushrooms - not usually a mushroom fan but these were perfectly done with a nice side of salt and lemon.
Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi Food 3
(L)Grilled mushrooms (TR) bagna càuda (BR) Chips with Indian ketchup

The food at Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi though is well worth the price and the selection is brilliant. The dinner menu encompassed a wide range of meat-based and vegetable-based dishes with plenty of choices for everyone. With such a wide range of appetisers and sides, the main meals were left off our selection. I saw a couple eating the grilled salmon steak and it was huge to say the least. The grilled mushrooms were perfectly done, the bagna càuda and the vegetables were fresh and crunchy though a little on the stinky side, while the Indian tomato ketchup was in fact a dish of curry sauce. If you like New Haven style pizzas, as served at the Nakameguro Taproom, then they come highly recommended here. They use a BBQ grill to cook the underside then grill the top. Delicious!

Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi Details

Open: Daily 17:00 ~ 24:00 (LO 23:30)

Phone: 045 315 6731

Homepage (in English / Japanese): http://yoshidamachi.greenyokohama.com/

Social Network (Charcoal Green): Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi

The closest station to Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi is Kannai on the Yokohama Blue Line but it can also be reached via the JR Kannai station. Take the Isezekicho mall exit and you’re about a five minute walk away.

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