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Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Apricot Saison by Tamamura Honten

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Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Apricot Saison is a limited edition 6% saison from Tamamura Honten that is part of their Yamabushi range of beers. It was first released in 2014 and made its second appearance in 2015 in late November. Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Apricot Saison is brewed using locally sourced organic apricot, known as anzu in Japanese, from a farmer situated near the Tamamura Honten brewery and distillery. For the base of this beer, Tamamura Honten used the #700 / a spécial saison from their stock. At the time of writing, it is only available in 750ml wine bottles.

Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Apricot Saison

Deep amber colour with a funky apricot yeasty aroma.

Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Apricot Saison Aroma and Taste

I’ve enjoyed some of the previous range of Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Saisons, as soon as Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Apricot Saison came up on the ゆるブル blog of Ego-san, the head brewer at Tamamura Honten, I hurriedly shuffled away to World Beer Market to give them even more of my money. I might as well just send the pay-check to them instead of paying off a mortgage.

As soon as this arrived, delivered by cool takyubin (don’t you just love Japan and its delivery companies?) it was opened and poured. Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Saison had a deep copper body with a slightly off-white head that didn’t last long. The aroma coming off of it was a funky apricot yeasty aroma that was soothing but also intriguing due to the caramel malts providing some long lasting aromas too.

The body was as good as the aroma, with the apricot taste balancing well with champagne-like texture and carbonation. However, the apricot taste faded too quickly and I was left with a caramel flavour combined with a subtle tart sourness as well. It was definitely best served slightly chilled as when Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Saison had warmed up, the apricot flavours were overpowered by the caramel malts.


Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Saison One Line Review

I like what Tamamura Honten have tried to do with Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Saison but the it would have been better with a lighter base rather than an amber style like one.

Where to Buy Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Saison

Tamamura Honten Yamabushi Saison can be bought online at the following places:

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