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S-46 Beer Market in Tsujido

by BeerTengoku Writer

S-46 Beer Market SignS-46 Beer Market is a Shonan Beer joint, located in Tsujido a stone’s throw away from the glimmering plateaus of Terrace Mall. In fact, leaving the football-pitch-strength lights of TeraMo when walking there makes the bar feel as if it’s plunged into darkness.

S-46 Beer Market Front

If you see this place, then you’ve found it.

This is the second time I’ve visited the awkwardly named S-46 Beer Market. The first time was just at the end of the lunch service, where we enjoyed a quiet meal after seeing a movie about a shouting monster. I wanted to come back the next time and dig in to the beers. If you’ve been to a Shonan Beer location (or read our Mokichi review), you’ll know that they have a pleasantly large selection of their own beers on tap and also in bottles. S-46 sadly doesn’t have any bottles for sale, but unlike Mokichi they do have four rotating guest beers, so that’s alright. Regular contributors include Brimmer Brewing and any brewer with “Kogen” in the title.

Shonan Beer @ S-46 Beer Market 1
Shonan's short sizes make trying multiple beers a treat. 
Shonan Beer @ S-46 Beer Market 2
Shonan's short sizes make trying multiple beers a treat. 
Shonan Beer @ S-46 Beer Market 1
Shonan's short sizes make trying multiple beers a treat. 
Shonan Beer @ S-46 Beer Market 4
Shonan's short sizes make trying multiple beers a treat. 

We tried the Nasu Kogen Scottish Ale, the Shonan Lemongrass Wheat (previously seen at the Oofuna Beer Festival), Bock, Peach Weizen and Session IPA and the Brimmer Sauvin Wheat. They were all good, really. I’ve recently started to enjoy Shonan Beer a lot. It’s a bit of local pride welling up in me (I’d still never buy it in bottles though, it’s ridiculously expensive).

S-46 Beer Market Food 1S-46 Beer Market Food 2

Onto the food, then! Due to the small size of the restaurant there isn’t room for a gimmick like Mokichi’s barbecue jiggery-pokery. The menu is still quite extensive, though. We ordered the salad, the scallop and tomato pasta and the sausage selection. The food was great and arrived promptly- the staff kindly put the single serving of spaghetti onto two separate plates for my wife and I to avoid any slopping or Lady and the Tramp-esque comedy romance. Thoughtful!


S-46 Beer Market One Paragraph Review

S-46 Beer Market is a great little place to relax in after a busy day shopping in Terrace Mall. It’s also a lot easier to find than Mokichi. Go down and see what their guest beers are!

S-46 Beer Market Details

Open: Daily 11:30am to 15:00 (L.O 14:30) 17:00 to 24:00 (L.O 23:30).

Closed: Third Tuesday of the month

Phone: 0467-38-7799

Website (in Japanese): S-46 Beer Market Homepage

How to Get to S-46 Beer Market

The only station that serves Tsujido is the JR Tokaido line. Take that down to Tsujido station and take the West exit, then head north over the footbridge (the map shows directions from the main exit). 

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Christopher Phillips February 21, 2016 - 6:33 pm

Once again, is it smoking? is there a cover charge? is there wifi? more info on the nomihodai offer? any happy hour? Prices?
Sorry, I find myself asking these questions for almost every single bar review on facebook these days. Its not just you guys, almost everyone is waxing lyrical over stuff that isnt actually as relevant as key info. Nice and descriptive but mostly about your evening, not actual info on the bar that people might find useful. e.g. if i go all the way out there and its smoking, id be very, very dissappointed over such a wasted journey.
Each review guys, please let us know, smoking? cover charge? wifi? prices?
Apologies if i am coming across as negative. I appreciate the efforts your guys are putting in to get info out there for all of us but please don’t forget the actual info. 😉

Rob February 21, 2016 - 7:09 pm

It’s a good point and this review was from a while back (Jan 2015) – it will be edited soon but a maudling hangover prevented us today from doing it.

Christopher Phillips February 21, 2016 - 6:34 pm

p.s. apologies, I just now noticed that there is a tag of ‘no smoking’ in the tabs at the bottom (hard to spot) but not mentioned in the review. please mention it in the review otherwise who will notice that tiny tag?

Christopher Phillips February 21, 2016 - 6:35 pm

cant edit comments. so a third one. info on a nomihodai plan i heard about? any happy hour?


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