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El Nubichinom in Noge, Yokohama

by Rob
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El Nubichinom is not an easy place to find. I’ve tried numerous times to find it but either get stuck at Bay Brewing asking for directions, a little rude perhaps, and then end up staying there for a few beers, or giving up and walking back to Bay Brewing. Yet without realising, I’ve walked past it numerous times and this time I finally find El Nubichinom after asking at a Brazilian bar a few shops down, heaving with customers.

El Nubichinom

Don’t look up now…

To say El Nubichinom is tiny is an understatement. A huge understatement. It’s a standing bar with enough space for eight people, ten at a push and that’s a literal push as you shove yourself into a corner. It doesn’t leave much room for the bar either, in fact it was so small it was impossible for us to move to get a photo of the inside of the place without our lens poking someone in the eye. But don’t let that put you off as I took a picture of where the kegs are placed. Just hope that there isn’t an earthquake but if there is, hope that the kegs don’t fall on top of you as they are about two metres off the ground.

El Nubichinom Beer
Blurry list as I was standing in the road, trying not to get hit.
El Nubichinom Beer 1
Yokohama Fest IPA - hoppy. Perhaps Yokohama Brewery's hoppiest beer.
El Nubichinom Beer 2
Mandarin Coffee Stout by Isekadoya Stout Potent coffee roast that was smooth.
El Nubichinom Beer 3
Ise no Kuni CLIMB - a light Scotch le that was malty but nowhere near as a typical Scotch ale.

With such a small area, the beers are limited six taps at a time, though when I went, there were only five on. The great thing about this is Master Kaji, who is always impeccably well-dressed, is a senior beer judge and knows his stuff. Listening to him explain to some newcomers about the differences between a light scotch ale and a regular ale was fascinating as his careful, detailed explanation captivated the customers. The beers come in two sizes, small at 200ml, or large at 400ml but in the same kind of bloom glass that is designed to expose the aromas of each beer.

The prices though come with their own paragraph. During regular hours, the small glasses cost ¥700 while the large glasses cost¥1,400. Not cheap by any means. During happy hour, these prices come down to ¥600 and ¥1,100 respectively. If there are strong beers, such as barley wines or the Nine Tailed Fox from Nasu Kogen, then they only come in smaller 100ml sizes but at the large glass price. Thankfully tax is included in the price and there is no table charge either. Because you’re standing. Yet Happy Hour is confusing as it’s not strictly an hour but more like six. From opening. Until 30minutes before closing… Go figure. Just get out of here before 9pm.


There are also some small nibbles and snacks that can be bought at El Nubichinom but this place is a quick drink and go place. I stayed for about 45mins and in that time, a total of about 20 people came and went, buying a drink, sinking it, getting one more, then saying their goodbyes.

El Nubichinom One Paragraph Review

If you want to try some obscure Japanese craft beers, then El Nubichinom is right up your street. It’s a nice, cosy little place though with beers being so expensive outside of happy hour and the place being so small, it’s hard to want to stay for more than a couple during the happy hour.

El Nubichinom Details

Open: Weekdays 17:30 – 22:30 Saturday 15:00 – 11:30 Sunday 15:00 – 20:00

Closed: Tuesdays but check blog as this sometimes changes.

Phone: 045-231-3626

Blog (in Japanese): http://ameblo.jp/el-nubichinom/

How to Get to El Nubichinom

The closest station to El Nubichinom is Keikyu Hinodecho although JR Sakuragicho is equally as close. The directions below are using Keikyu Hinodecho station.

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Christopher Phillips December 29, 2015 - 7:32 pm

closest bar being full monty cider house. i usually go to el nubi from sakura icho


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