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Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu by Hideji Beer

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Look at that bottle! Great bottle design always impresses me and Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu grabbed my attention enough in World Gourmet to warrant a purchase. It is the beer equivalent of all those puppy and cat memes that went around late 2014. Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu is a 5% fruit beer, a style that has not done so well on BeerTengoku, from Hideji Beer. It is sometimes labelled as Hideji Hyuganatsu Lager from time-to-time.

Miyazaki no Minori

A beautiful tree stems out from the label.

Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu Aroma and Taste

Some back story first. Get a beer and have a read…

Without knowing much about Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu besides the label, it was unclear what kind of beer it was until I saw the massive fruit known as a hyuganatsu, a kind of citrus fruit that is commonly found in Miyazaki, and is named after the place Hyuga, while natsu means summer. Only fruits grown in that area can be called hyuganatsu with those grown in other areas going under a variety of names, such as konatsu or tosakonatsu. Some people think it is a hybrid version of a yuzu, another Japanese citrus that is popular in beers, and something called a pomelo. Never heard of that? Me neither…

With that information in mind, I understood Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu a little bit better and was prepared. The initial spray of aroma can only be likened to when you prise open an orange or a lemon and the juice squirts out. It had a strong citrus, almost orange-like, aroma that permeated through the house and had the kids running in the hope of some mikans, but alas, they were left disappointed. The body was a cloudy straw like colour with some head though what there was, left pretty quickly to a thin ring around the edge.


Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu is bitter, and there is no other way to warn you. Count that as your only warning before trying it. Not a hoppy bitter but a citrus bitter that may cause your face to go through involuntary spasms and contortions. The best way to describe the body would be a mild pilsner lager that has been crossed with a white wine and soda, aka a spitzer. The bitterness is there from the beginning until the end and then afterwards.

Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu One Line Review

Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu would be a great chilled summer drink for sitting on the beach. It’s actually a good Japanese fruits beer.

Where to Buy Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu

Miyazaki no Minori Hyuganatsu can be bought from the Hideji Beer homepage. It has also been seen at Le Collier in Tokyo, World Gourmet in Yokohama, and also Yamaoka Saketen in Kyoto.

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