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Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA by Thrashzone Brew Labo

by Rob

Thanks to a comment left by someone on the Thrashzone World Downfall Stout review, Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA is the next beer from Thrashzone Brew Labo to be reviewed. It’s one of the original beers first brewed and is a 7.6% IPA brewed using American Chinook hops and extends the “extreme beer only” motto even further. Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA is available all year round at Thrash Zone but we haven’t seen it any other bar besides Bashamichi Taproom. Once. I think. But I was a bit drunk.

Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA

Speeds kills coming down the mountain. Speed kills, if you know what I mean. Yes, I quoted Bush.

Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA Aroma and Taste

One of the reasons I like drinking at Thrash Zone is the lack of head on my beers. Even though Katsuki-san loves his American beers, I’m glad his penchant for all-American stops there. A full pint of Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA will set you back ¥700, tax included and that’s all beer. Even ¥500 for a half-pint is still great value for money if you’re in a rush or not looking to get too drunk.

Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA is very much a hop-forward beer and with it comes an intense bitterness that takes sometime in getting used to. The Chinook hops produced a large pine aroma that drags you in but also knocks you back if you inhale too much of it. The bronze-like body was consistent throughout drinking too.

Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA is a full on hoppy IPA and with no respite. It grabs your tongue by the horns and assaults it with the piney hop flavour along with some mellow grapefruit flavour, ending up in a crisp, dry, bitter aftertaste. And that’s after one big gulp so multiply that by about 20 and you’re on your way to finishing off your first – and most certainly not your last – pint of Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA.


Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA One Line Review

Heck, if the guys from Sierra Nevada like Thrashzone Speed Kills IPA, then there is all the praise you need.

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MarcoPorco July 28, 2015 - 12:06 pm

Speedkills IPA! Yaaaaaaaaaah! Best Japanese IPA evaaaaaar!

Rob August 7, 2015 - 3:44 pm

Haha – a very enthusiastic response. It’s a beer that really varies depending on what I’ve had before. I would strongly recommend starting off with Speed Kills IPA as anything else seems to affect its perceived taste.


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