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Home Bar Review Mokichi Trattoria in Kagawa, Kanagawa

Mokichi Trattoria in Kagawa, Kanagawa

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Mokichi Trattoria Inside 1

A carpenter’s dream of a building.

After our extensive trip around the Shonan Beer brewery, we were pretty hungry and fancied some grub. The problem though was did we fancy some bread or a proper meal with some beer? Stupid question really and off we went to Mokichi Trattoria, located on the site of the brewery and the best place to get the freshest Shonan Beer going.

Mokichi Trattoria Inside 1
Lovely joinery.
Mokichi Trattoria Inside 2
Incredible carpentry

As you walk into Mokichi Trattoria, the sheer size of the place is breathtaking. It’s probably about twice the same of the beer brewery and the sake distillery. Combined. There are two floors, but the most striking thing about it is the carpentry that went into building it. The head waiter commented that the carpenters used traditional building techniques used to build temples in Kamakura and other temples across Japan, that is, no nails and no screws. Plenty of light and plenty of space to stretch as well.

Mokichi Trattoria Taps
All Shonan Beer goodness.
Mokichi Trattoria Beer List
Some tried and tested favourites.
Mokichi Trattoria Beer
Shonan Beer Citra IPA - a nice level of bitterness with some citrus punch.

It goes without saying; however, Mokichi Trattoria only sells Shonan Beer on tap, but even though Mokichi Craft Beer in Fujisawa and this place are both owned by Kumazawa Brewing, the bottles available to purchase differ, for example, you can’t get the delicious Shonan Beer Belgian Stout at this location. The prices remain the same though with no table charge.

Mokichi Trattoria Food 1Mokichi Trattoria Food 2
Anchovy and mozzarella pizza. Freshly cooked and rich. Went well with the Shonan Beer Citra IPA.

The food is equally as delicious and we plumped for the freshly cooked margherita pizza that came highly recommended and paired well with the Shonan Beer Citra IPA. The chips though were on a whole new level, resembling small new potatoes that had been boiled, chopped, and then deep fried in olive oil. Bliss though they could be dangerous weapons due to the lava contained inside of them.

Mokichi Trattoria Outside MainMokichi Trattoria Outside
Second floor deck overlooking the sake distillery.
Mokichi Trattoria Outside 2
Not quite in bloom...

The head waiter encourage us to take lots of pictures and look upstairs and part of me felt some pang of jealousy 0nce we got up there. A brilliant view of the Kumazawa Brewing complex, shaded from the sun along with a detailed explanation meant another beer and chat. Most importantly though, every year, around the second weekend of October, Mokichi Trattoria and Shonan Beer host their Oktoberfest…guess where we’re coming back to?

Mokichi Trattoria One Paragraph Review

The architecture of Mokichi Trattoria is brilliant as are the views on the second floor, though it is quite a difficult place to get to. There is plenty of to do in the area as well, with a sausage shop opening in mid-to-late 2015 though the art gallery and bakery are also worth a visit to.

How to Get to Mokichi Trattoria

Mokichi Trattoria is best accessed from Kagawa station on the JR Sagami line. From there, it is about a ten minute walk through some countryside.

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