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Brimmer California Spring Ale by Brimmer Brewing

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Brimmer California Spring Ale is Brimmer Brewing’s most recent specialty beer. It’s a 5.5% Golden Ale, and I was given it by Rob who got it from Deguchiya. I personally haven’t been able to find a shop that stocks Brimmer west of Yokohama, despite looking in almost FIVE shops. Fortunately I have my own beer fixer who can get it for me whenever I want (and sometimes even when I don’t).

Brimmer California Spring Ale

Brimmer California Spring Ale Nose and Flavour

California Spring Ale’s nose is like a malty pale ale. There’s a Real Ale hint to it as well. The taste is bitter and hoppy, with an unusual grassy and earthy taste that I really couldn’t put my finger on.
After some research on Ratebeer, it turns out that the mystery flavour has stumped even the beard-strokingest of beard stroking beer ponces. I thought about emailing Scott or Chris, but hey, that would be cheating, wouldn’t it? I’m trying to emulate the drinking experience of the average peasant, like you.
Most of us don’t have the opportunity to email the creator of something we’re consuming (Well, maybe we do. Twitter makes that easy). And besides, the recipe might be a secret. So I decided to bask in my ignorance and take the beer on face value.
Brimmer Brewing like to take drinkers in unusual directions with their Specialty beers- for example, their California Common used lager yeast at ale temperatures. California Spring Ale is no exception, then. The earthy flavour is demonstrably confounding drinkers.
Continuing on, then. All of the flavours are well balanced, though the grassy bitterness pushes through. Though the name is “Spring Ale”, I think this would be a great beer for summer. Is spring in California about as warm as summer in Japan? Again, I decide to remain ignorant. Sometimes it’s nice.

Brimmer California Spring Ale One Line Review

Brimmer are up to their tricks again with this puzzling yet refreshing ale. What is that flavour?!


Where to Buy Brimmer California Spring Ale

Brimmer California Spring Ale is a limited edition beer and can be bought at the following places at the time of writing:


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