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Cafe and Bar Synchronicity in Kannai, Yokohama

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Cafe and Bar Synchronicity One Paragraph Review

Cafe and Bar Synchronicity doesn’t offer anything new in the craft beer front and as such, it’s hard to recommend this place; however, it does have a good range of different beers that will appeal to everyone. The prices are a tad on the expensive side, considering there are cheaper places in the area, but tax is included and there isn’t a table charge at the end. However, the bar is smoking and it can get pretty smoky in there.

Cafe and Bar Synchronicity

Cafe and Bar Synchronicity Full Review

Kannai is fast becoming well known in beer drinking circles as the place outside of Tokyo and Osaka to go drinking. At the time of writing, there were about fifteen bars and breweries in the area and Craft Beer Bar Synchronicity was the latest to open in 2015. However, the times we’ve tried to get there, it’s either been closed (Wednesday) or we couldn’t find it and got lost walking around Kannai’s red light district of soaplands and snack bars, and no one wants to end up there.

Cafe and Bar Synchronicity is located behind the JRA (Japan Racing Association) building in Isezakicho mall, about a five minute walk from Kannai station. It’s very easy to miss it, especially if your map gives you the right directions to the wrong building or the wrong directions to the right building. It’s located on the side street after the building so make sure you don’t go in and fritter away your hard earned cash on and then come out without any more for beers.

Inside Cafe and Bar Synchronicity there are about 10 counter seats looking over the large selection of whiskies while there are five tables dotted around the side of the bar. The whole area is smoking which is a major down point for us. Of course, we’re not going to preach on about it but it would have been nice if there had been a separate smoking area and non-smoking area. You’re probably wondering about the name Synchronicity as well, aren’t you? You’re not?! Oh, well the owners are big fans of The Police and have their albums dotted around the bar – thankfully they weren’t blasting out The Police nor some of Sting’s later work either, otherwise it would have meant us walking out.

Cafe and Bar Synchronicity Beer 1
Only six of eight taps were on when we went.
Cafe and Bar Synchronicity Beer 2
Aqula Kiwa IPA
Cafe and Bar Synchronicity Beer 3
Outsider The Counties Pale Ale
Cafe and Bar Synchronicity Beer 4
Takikawa Beer Factory Sorachi Pilsner
Cafe and Bar Synchronicity Beer Sizes
Large, medium, small

There are eight taps on at Cafe and Bar Synchronicity, covering various styles and regions of Japan. On the day we went, the only region that wasn’t represented was Okinawa. The great thing about the range is that while some of the big craft beer breweries, such as Shiga Kogen and Swan Lake, were represented, there was also some smaller ones such as Outsider Brewing from Yamanashi and Takikawa Beer Factory from Hokkaido. While the craft beer market is far from saturation point, there is a trend of bars starting to have the same beers on the same breweries. Beers come in three different sizes; UK pint (568ml) from ¥1250 to ¥1300, medium (360ml) from ¥800 to ¥900 and also UK half pint (284ml) from ¥650 to ¥700. All prices include tax so there isn’t a nasty surprise at the end of drinking.

Cafe and Bar Synchronicity Food

The staple food of BeerTengoku – very nice.

The food at Cafe and Bar Synchronicity was pretty standard for a bar but of course, it wouldn’t be a BeerTengoku review without chips. They were nice with a surprising side of cheese sauce as well. Everything is freshly made in the kitchen and thus takes time so make sure you order in advance else you’ll have a long wait. All prices include tax so there isn’t a surprise at the end but the smoky atmosphere put me off from ordering any more food.

Cafe and Bar Synchronicity Details

Open: Weekdays 16:00 – 01:00 Saturdays 12:00 – 01:00

Close: Tuesdays

Phone: 045-315-2532

Homepage (in Japanese): http://synchronicity.jellybean.jp/

Social Network: Facebook

How to Get to Cafe and Bar Synchronicity

The closest station to Cafe and Bar Synchronicity is Kannai station on either the JR Keihin-Tohoku line or the Yokohama City Subway Blue Line. It’s a five minute walk from the north exit of JR Kannai station. From the Blue Line, take the Isezekicho exit and the bar is about three minutes from there.

Directions from JR Kannai
Directions from Kannai Station on Yokohama City Subway

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