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Deguchiya in Nakameguro, Tokyo

by Rob

It’s not often I leave the bottle shops of Le Collier and Liquors Hasegawa behind for different climes, but I had heard good things about Deguchiya in Naka-Meguro. It’s located a ten-minute walk from Naka-Meguro station, perhaps in the wrong direction as it goes away from the Baird Naka-Meguro Taproom and Hatos Bar too, so you’re going a long way to get a beer to eventually go back to one of these two places.

Deguchiya Beer 1
Right as you come in the store there is this fridge.
Deguchiya Beer 2
But this is the one you want, right at the back right of the store.

Deguchiya stocks a wide variety of alcohol, much like Sagamiya Liquor Store in Kamakura, though it was the beer I came for and it was always going to be beer that I left with. Deguchiya doesn’t have the widest stock available but it does have limited edition beers that can be hard to find. At the front of the store is a small fridge containing cheese and beers from Yo-Ho Brewing but it’s at the back of Deguchiya where all the secret beers can be found. When I went, there were beers from Minoh Beer, Baird Beer, Ise Kadoya, Brimmer Brewing, and Shiga Kogen. Some of these beers were special editions that other stores do not sell so it was a great surprise to see the Yamabushi range from Tamamura Honten. Definitely going to have to pick some of those up next time.

At the back of Deguchiya is a small area where you can drink your beers though you do have to pay a slight surcharge to drink your beers though if you need a break from that ten minute walk before you head back, then drink area. The price wasn’t much, about ¥50 a bottle to drink on site, and with the good range of limited edition beers in the fridges, it means you can drink them cold.

Deguchiya Details

Open: Monday to Saturday 11:00 ~ 20:00. National holidays: 15:00 ~ 21:00


Closed: Sunday and first Monday of the month

Phone: 03-3713-2279

Deguchiya Sites

Deguchiya homepage (in Japanese) / Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Deguchiya

The closest station to Deguchiya is the Tokyu Toyoko line / Tokyo Metro Hibiya line Naka-Meguro station. Turn left out of the south gate and walk straight. It’s on the left.

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pudgym29 September 29, 2015 - 5:08 am

I may have strolled past this shop (without entering) while heading for the Don Quijote in Nakameguro. (It’s a ‘classier‘ Donki than many of the others.)
For a base on beer shops, you may want to enter that Donki to see what beers it has. If I recall correctly, its best beers would be from Yoho, including Tokyo Black.

Rob September 29, 2015 - 6:03 pm

There is no way I’m going in a Donki – I’ll end up getting lost or squashed or lost amongst squashed things. Chris can go in instead. I’m too young to get lost.


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