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Craft Beer Tap Fam333 in Sendagaya, Tokyo

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Craft Beer Tap Fam333 The Bottom Line

I came here not expecting much but I ended up being pleasantly surprised – a warm, welcoming atmosphere, coupled with some top notch pours; however, the prices do leave a lot to be desired. While Craft Beer Tap Fam333 may not have the widest range of taps, there at least is some variety in the beers that they serve. The whole place is non-smoking, all the prices include tax, and there is no table charge either. There is enough English on the menu to help you order your food, but if Mirai-san is working there, he’ll happily explain through things to you in English.

Craft Beer Tap Fam333 Inside

Craft Beer Tap Fam333 The Full Review

Craft Beer Tap Fam333 opened in October 2018, in a weird area of Tokyo near Kita-Sando station. The area, personally, isn’t that well known nor has any attractions on offer that have enticed me to go there. With Harajuku and Shinjuku either side of it, this has also meant a dearth in craft beer bars too. Craft Beer Tap Fam333 is located in a basement building that is very easy to walk past if you’re not paying attention – I know as I did it, even with the craft beer map as there is very little signage outside.

Craft Beer Tap Fam333 Interior & Atmosphere

As you walk into Craft Beer Tap Fam333, you notice how small it is, but also how much space there is in there. During normal operating times, there is space for around 20 people, with 8 at the counter, 2 sets of tables for two people by the wall, and then a table at the back of the room. The whole place is non-smoking and also has no table charge. For those wanting some free WiFi, you’ll be please to hear that all the menus have the details printed on them.

In terms of music and background, you’ll notice a huge TV as you go in, but with the sound turned down, and some light background music being played, that varied between light MoR and some jazz too. Enough to be heard, but not enough to drown out conversations.

Craft Beer Tap Fam333 Approach to Covid-19

In spite of the decline in business, Craft Beer Tap Fam333 have taken a strong approach to customer safety and satisfaction, by implementing some strong rules to Covid-19. When you come in, you have to be wearing a mask, or you won’t be admitted. Then there is alcohol spray for your hands that must be thoroughly used before sitting down. While the usual capacity is 20 people, this has been halved, with social distancing implemented in the bar. Instead of eight seats at the counter, there are four; the two tables are for one person each, and the table at the back can host only four people. There is also a large protective barrier between the counter and the food preparation area and drink area, with all staff wearing face masks as well.

Beers can also be bought to takeaway, though they can not be drunk on site, so don’t go thinking about getting some cheap beers. At the moment, PET bottles are free, usually costing ¥100, and 500ml pours of any beer on tap costs ¥1,000, which includes tax. If you have a growler, then 100ml pours are charged at ¥190 instead. If you don’t want a growler, then you can get some walking beers, with regular beers in 330ml cups, and pints in 480 ml cups for the same prices listed below.

Craft Beer Tap Fam333 Taps & Beer Information

Craft Beer Tap Fam333 has 6 taps of beer on, with five of those dedicated to craft beer from both domestic breweries, and also overseas ones. The other tap is set to Heartland, so you can bring your non-craft beer drinking friends here. The beers come in two sizes: regular (295ml) from ¥900, with pints (480ml) from ¥1100. While those prices are not cheap, they do include tax and the pours are fantastic for someone like me who doesn’t want lots of frothy head on their beer that reduces the amount of actual beer that you get.

There wasn’t any happy hour on Craft Beer Tap Fam333 nor any beer flights either – a shame really with some of the prices but I am guessing that because the bar had a small preparation area, that there isn’t enough space for beer flights.

Craft Beer Tap Fam333 Food

What’s this you see? Something more than chips. Yes, I had to get some proper lunch as knocking back two beers in quick succession was not perhaps the cleverest of ideas that I’ve had. It was hot though I wanted something a bit more substantial, and with fish and chips on the menu it was a given. I would honestly say that this are some of the best, if not he best, fish and chips I’ve had in a bar in Japan. There are some choices for vegetarians as well though anything fried is cooked in the same oil, so if you’re full-on serious about being a vegetarian / vegan, then you might be left with few choices. The menus have enough English for you to order, and food can also be bought to take away.

Craft Beer Tap Fam333 Details

  • Open: 11:00 – 22:00 (L.O Food 21:00 Drink 21:30)
  • Closed: Twice a month but check social media.
  • Happy Hour: None
  • Phone: 03-6812-9135
  • Homepage (in Japanese): https://www.fam333.com/
  • Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

How to Get to Craft Beer Tap Fam333

The closest stations to Craft Beer Tap Fam333 are Kita-Sando on the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line and JR Harajuku on the Yamanote Line.

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