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Mokichi Craft Beer in Fujisawa

by Rob
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Yeast. One of the best fungi ever discovered and something that contributes to two staple pieces of our diet: beer and bread. Without yeast, beer and bread would still be possible but would probably taste lame. Mokichi Craft Beer knows this and sells bread alongside the range of Shonan Beers. In fact, it only sells Shonan Beers, as Mokichi Craft Beer is a front for Kumazawa Brewing to sell their beers, alongside their nihonshu as well.

Mokichi Craft Beer

Wood. Lots of it.

Mokichi Craft Beer is located about five minutes from JR and Odakyu Fujisawa station, behind Odakyu department store. The front is quite easy to spot as it’s fully decked out in wood, so it sticks out like a sore thumb among the concrete city of Fujisawa. As much as I have a soft spot for living in Fujisawa for a few years back in the naughty noughties, after living elsewhere for six years, it always amazes me how few craft beer bars there are in the Fuj (as it’s colloquially known).

mokichi craft beer downstairs
Counter space downstairs...
mokichi craft beer upstairsmokichi craft beer upstairs
...or more space upstairs

The inside of Mokichi Craft Beer is deceptively small as it only appears to have counter space for about ten people and some tables on the left that would accommodate about the same again. Fortunately, there is an upstairs area to Mokichi Craft Beer that was far more spacious than downstairs and we were quickly seated. Joe and myself turned up just gone 1pm on a Saturday and were lucky to get seats; it seemed everyone and anyone had gone to Mokichi Craft Beer for lunch and looked happy to take their time.

Shonan Beer Golden Ale @ Mokichi Craft Beer
Shonan Beer Golden Ale - crisp and fruity.
Shonan Beer Schwarz @ Mokichi Craft Beer
Shonan Beer Schwarz - much better draft than in the bottle.
Shonan Beer Black Rice IPA @ Mokichi Craft Beer
Shonan Beer Black Rice IPA - reeks of rice. A marmite/vegemite beer. Love it or hate it.
Shonan Beer W-IPA @ Mokichi Craft BeerShonan Beer Chocolate Porter @ Mokichi Craft Beer
Shonan Beer Chocolate Porter - Silky. Velvety. Luxurious.

As mentioned, all the beers at Mokichi Craft Beer are Shonan Beer by Kumazawa Brewing. Their draft versions have a reputation of being better than the bottled versions and Joe and myself were going to try them. I was disappointed with their bottled Shonan Beer Schwarz, yet the draft version was much better and I’m pleased to say that the trend continued throughout our drinking session. Beers came in four sizes; tasting at 150ml between ¥325 to ¥410, short at 300ml between ¥540 to ¥700, long at 450ml between ¥775 to ¥1010 or so and finally pitcher sizes at about 1.8L between ¥3025 to ¥4320. Prices include tax and there was no table charge at the end.


Food wise, well there was a special lunch menu going on when we there, with prices starting from ¥1480,  so we didn’t get to try anything but the menu did include unlimited bread and the various lunches looked tasty. We did order some chips but found them to be on the expensive side for what we got. At ¥680 yen for about fifteen wedges, not the best value for money there.

Mokichi Craft Beer One Paragraph Review

Mokichi Craft Beer is well-worth a visit if you’re in the area, such as passing through to either Enoshima or Hasedera aka the Big Buddha. Shonan Beers are much better on draft and this bar restaurant really reinforces that point.

Second Opinion

I’ve had the food at Mokichi on several occasions. They occasionally style themselves as a Bashamichi Taproom-esque barbecue place but the spare rib I had was undercooked, dry as a bone and flavourless. Other times the food has been quite good, including the beer sausages and carpaccio. When we went this time, there was meat loaf on the menu that I was eager to try but we didn’t have time. Overall, the food has been decent.

If you ever get the chance to participate in one of their Nomihodai (all you can drink) events, drop everything and go. The full beer list is included. It’s amazing. However, you need to book your seats in advance. Clancy and I went and were extremely lucky to get the two last unreserved seats.

Mokichi Craft Beer Details

Open: Monday – Sunday & Holiday 11:30 – 24:00(L.O.23:00) Closed every 3rd Tuesday.

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 0466-90-3590

Homepage ( in Japanese): Mokichi Craft Beer Homepage

How to Get to Mokichi Craft Beer

If you’re coming from JR Fujisawa, then take the main exit and turn right out of the ticket gate towards the south exit. Go down to the Odakyu Fujisawa station and then follow the map below.

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