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Oirase Weizen by Oirase Brewing Company

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Oirase Weizen is a hefeweizen style beer brewed out in Aomori prefecture in the northern part of Honshū. It is brewed on a southern German recipe and Oirase Weizen incorporates fresh Aomori wheat in the recipe.

Oirase Weizen

Weizen? Why now? Why not?

Oirase Weizen Aroma and Taste

Oirase Weizen has a very hazy, straw like body that appears to have sediment at the bottom of the glass when the pour was rushed out. The head was not as large as I thought it would be, considering the previous weizens that I have had, but it did fade away fairly quickly really. Oirase Weizen had a solid aroma of bananas but this was fairly sweet. Not like the other hefeweizens I’ve had recently.

Once I had overcome the banana smell, which I am starting to slowly dislike now, Oirase Weizen was, for want of a better expression, inoffensive. I felt like this was a Canadian or British beer and was waiting to apologise for something. It taste very much like a weizen by the numbers; a bit of wheat here, a bit of banana there, some clove spice to follow-up with and then a flourish of hops in the end. It was easy drinking and not too potent compared to the initial aromas.

Oirase Weizen One-Line Review

If you’re looking to get into the world of weizen then Oirase Weizen would be a good place to start.


Where to Buy Oirase Weizen

Oirase Weizen can be bought on the Oirase Brewing Company online store as part of a set here. At the time of writing, we haven’t seen it for sale elsewhere. Our bottle was a present from a friend who visited the Oirase Brewery. (Thanks Hiro!)

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