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Kazekami Belgian Tripel by Kazekami Bakushu

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Kazekami Belgian Tripel is an 8% spiced Belgian Tripel from Kazekami Bakushu, based in Kawasaki, Japan. It’s part of their bottled range of beers, though it hasn’t been seen on tap at the time of writing. Kazekami Belgian Tripel is brewed using camomile and ginger, thus making the beer a happoshu instead of a “beer”. Besides that, not much else is known about it as there is a dearth of information about it.

Kazekami Belgian Tripel

Lots of herbs and spices in this one.

Kazekami Belgian Tripel Aroma and Taste

Kazekami Belgian Tripel poured out a dull copper colour with besides a few bubble on the edge of the glass, a minimal amount of head. The pot pourri monster strikes again with this beer. If you missed out on the Songbird Lavender beer review, you’re lucky! Kazekami Belgian Tripel had such a pungent aroma of camomile, lavender, and spices, I wasn’t sure if someone had sprayed too much toilet freshener in the room, or I was stuck in the middle of a branch of Afternoon Tea (a Japanese shop that specialises in all things British).

After quickly realising it was in fact the beer, and let’s be honest, it was only going to get worse as it warms up, Kazekami Belgian Tripel was as pot pourri forward in the body as it was in the nose. It’s simply over spiced and along with a ginger bite, is far removed from a Belgian Tripel that it felt like someone had just not really thought about the balance. There was some malt sweetness in it, but the OTT spices destroyed what body there was with their continual lingering presence from the first sip to the lingering pot pourri dump in the aftertaste.

Kazekami Belgian Tripel The Bottom Line

If you like your beers heavily spiced or looking to freshen up your mouth, then Kazekami Belgian Tripel would be a good idea. Personally, give it a miss if you’re looking for a beer that has some semblance of drinkability.


Where to Buy Kazekami Belgian Tripel

Kazekami Belgian Tripel isn’t available online at the time of writing, though I got my bottle from Le Petit L’Ouest in Shimokitazawa.

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