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Oirase Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery located near Oirase river, in Aomori, Japan. Founded in 1997, just after the relaxation of the beer production laws, Oirase Brewing Company have been using local mountain river water from Mount Hakkoda and traditional Czech brewing techniques to brew four different types of beer. Oirase Brewing Company Lineup The following are part of …


Oirase Dark Lager by Oirase Brewing Company

Oirase Dark Lager

Oirase Dark Lager is a dunkel style beer from Oirase Brewing Company and was a souvenir from a friend of ours, thanks again Hiro. Trouble is, he forgot to tell us much about the beer and there is very little information about it on the Oirase Brewing Company homepage. Oirase Dark Lager is brewed along the lines of a pilsner but …

Oirase Weizen by Oirase Brewing Company

Oirase Weizen

Oirase Weizen is a hefeweizen style beer brewed out in Aomori prefecture in the northern part of Honshū. It is brewed on a southern German recipe and Oirase Weizen incorporates fresh Aomori wheat in the recipe. Oirase Weizen Aroma and Taste Oirase Weizen has a very hazy, straw like body that appears to have sediment at the bottom of the glass …