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World Beer Market in Kita-Senju

by BeerTengoku Writer

World Beer Market goes under the guise of various names online, such as Biama that is supposed to be a contraction of Beer Market and also Sake Taniguchi too. Rest assured, they are all the same shop and specialise in selling craft beer from around the world and that includes Japan. World Beer Market first started out as a shop in Kita-Senju and is still open to this day, so if you are in the area then pop in to pick up some beers.

world beer market

Get here. Buy beers.

World Beer Market, at the time of writing, does not offer sets of beers such as the ones that can be found on Sakaya Okadaya listed here, GoodBeer listed here, Craftbeers here, or Craft Liquours here, rather selling individual beers at a time. The range is great and you can find beers from all over Japan from Hokkaido right now down to Okinawa. The amount of stock varies greatly though, from sometimes only having six beers in stock to many more.

world beer market inside

Look at all those beers.

In terms of ordering,World Beer Market uses the Rakuten store front process, which can be a pain to use and navigate. First click on the beer, click on order, confirm you are over 20, then go back to the webpage, so ordering is a lengthy process. Shipping is a little confusing as it’s based on how much your order is in cost and then where you are shipping to. More information can be found here.

World Beer Market Shipping

Why thank you for giving me free shipping on an order of 999,999,999yen. But how about 1 billion yen?

World Beer Market Craft Beer also ships using refrigerated delivery for about an extra ¥250 to¥300. Without sounding like PR for the shop, it is one of the best places to get Japanese craft beers from and it’s also worth keeping an eye out on their Facebook page here as they sometimes announce new beers in stock on there.


World Beer Market Details

Homepage (in Japanese): Sake Taniguchi

How to Get to World Beer Market

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Bob May 9, 2016 - 9:32 am

Are the beers in the window there empties?

Rob May 9, 2016 - 10:06 am

Yep, the real stuff is stored in the fridges.


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