Home Bar Review Tamsang Tokyo Thai Tea & Craft Beer in Tomigaya, Shibuya.

Tamsang Tokyo Thai Tea & Craft Beer in Tomigaya, Shibuya.

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Tamsang Tokyo Thai Tea & Craft Beer : The Bottom Line

Tamsang Tokyo is a great little addition to the craft beer bars that already exist in Tokyo – it has a decent range of beers from across Japan and some friendly and welcoming staff. The only downside could be the prices – they’re not cheap when I think back – and the food is not always on. A shame as I really fancied some Thai food when I went. There is a nice little outside deck that fills up fast during the nicer weather so get those seats quick!

Tamsang Tokyo Thai Tea & Craft Beer : The Full Review

Tamsang Tokyo Thai Tea & Craft Beer, which for writing purposes is simply going to be called Tamsang tokyo from now on, is a place that I have wanted to get to for a while – mainly because I had heard great things about the Thai food on offer here, and of course the craft beer that is on tap. After my trip to LaLaChai in Hatagaya, Tokyo a while back, I’ve been on the lookout for more places that have a varied food menu with some spicy choices as well as flavourful.

Tamsang Tokyo is located near Yoyogi Koen and Yoyogi Hachiman stations, with the former being on the Tokyo Metro while the latter is on the Odakyu Main line. It’s about a 3 minute walk from either station and it opened back in October 2019.

Tamsang Tokyo Thai Tea & Craft Beer : Atmosphere & Interior

As you approach Tamsang Tokyo, you feel transported away into a part of Tokyo that seems, well, a bit out there. On one side of the street are two shops that seem that someone has upped sticks from the UK and moved to the little side street. The antique shop must do some business it seem from drunken customers coming out of Tamsang, while the barbers could get some people coming in for sudden haircuts after a few beers.


However, Tamsang Tokyo has a nice little wood deck out the front with four seats that is perfect for some drinking in the warmer months or with nice blue sky days. Inside, there is space for about 10 people at various seats around the bar and then 3 counter seats. The whole place is non-smoking and there is also no table charge. Tamsang Tokyo also has some free WiFi available though there is a sign up that asks people not to use Tamsang Tokyo for working or studying. If you’ve been to some coffee shops in Japan, you know how infuriating it can be to see someone sipping on a coffee for hours on end as they supposedly study.

Tamsang Tokyo Thai Tea & Craft Beer : Beer & Tap Information

There are 12 taps of craft beer on at Tamsang Tokyo, with most, if not all, being from domestic based breweries. The beers come in two sizes : small (235 ml) from ¥1000 and then large (470 ml) from ¥1380. There is also a three beer tasting flight which gets you any three beers on the menu in 150 ml glasses from ¥1450. Thankfully the prices do include tax as Tamsang is not close to being the cheapest place we’ve been to. However, the beers were exceptionally well poured with just a smidgen of head on each of them. On occasion, there are cans on sale at Tamsang Tokyo but these are for drinking in. There’s no happy hour though.

Tamsang Tokyo Thai Tea & Craft Beer : Food Information

Most annoyingly, on the day I went to Tamsang Tokyo, there was no food on! I had come all this way to get some Thai food, but alas, I was left wanting. A shame really but I guess it means an excuse to get there again to try some food.

Tamsang Tokyo Thai Tea & Craft Beer : Details

  • Open : Tuesday to Friday 12:00 – 15:00 16:00 – 22:00 (L.O Food 21:00 Drink 21:30) Saturday 11:30 – 22:00 (L.O Food 21:00 Drink 21:30) Sunday + Holiday 11:30 – 19:00 (L.O Food 18:00 Drink 18:30)
  • Closed : Monday
  • Happy Hour : N/A
  • Phone : 050-3574-3466
  • Homepage (in Japanese) : N/A
  • Social Media : Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Tamsang Tokyo Thai Tea & Craft Beer : Location

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