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Ni Hai Me no Beer in Nihonbashi, Tokyo

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Ni Hai Me no Beer : The Bottom Line

Until Ni Hai Me no Beer works out their beers, then I’d say give the brewpub a miss but come for the tasty pizza and tacos instead at The Commissary. There are some positives going for Ni Hai Me no Beer – there was a decent selection of beer on tap and the prices do include tax, but it’s more of what else is on offer in the space than Ni Hai Me no Beer itself.

Ni Hai Me no Beer : The Full Reivew

I was hankering for some pizza – which seems to be a common thing for me during the colder months – and I had been wanting to visit Ni Hai Me no Beer for a while now. The reason for that is because it is located in a building known as The Commissary, which is traditional a store on a base whereby you can get a variety of equipment and provisions, but this place has no equipment, just provisions in the form of food and beer.

Ni Hai Me no Beer operates in the building, both the brewery and the taproom are located inside of the building, and has been in operation since February 2022. The Commissary is located in between Kodenmacho and Shin-Nihonbashi stations, well within walking distance of both.

Ni Hai Me no Beer : Atmosphere & Interior

Ni Hai Me no Beer itself is just a bar where you can get some of their beers, and you are able to take them to drink anywhere inside of the building. However, there are a couple of seats at the counter overlooking the bar if you’re feeling particularly lazy and not wanting to walk to far to order your beers. As such, Ni Hai Me no Beer has no table charge and the building also offers up some free WiFi.


In terms of atmosphere, the eating and drinking space is light and vibrant with some comfortable background music being played as well as both being family and pet friendly. Just make sure that if you do sit next to the plants, then choose a seat where they’re not completely in your face! During the warmer months, the windows do open up, and there is some small outside drinking and eating area too.

Ni Hai Me no Beer : Beer & Tap Information

Ni Hai Me no Beer has 7 taps of beer on, though one of those taps is for Ebisu, with the other 6 being for in-house beers. There was some variety on tap though of styles with beers coming in one size only of 350 ml from ¥780. There was also a beer flight on offer that gets you three 150ml beers for ¥1,280. Ni Hai Me no Beer also had a small fridge for cans though most were imports from the West Coast.

The beers though were not very good to be honest. The Sansho Yuzu pale ale was soapy and lacked any bite from the sansho, while the Kveik Hazy IPA lacked any hoppy bite or strong frutiness from the hops. A shame considering how much effort went into making the brewery. At least all of the prices include tax.

Ni Hai Me no Beer : Food Information

Ni Hai Me no Beer itself had no food available but seeing as you’re in essentially a glorified food court, you are able to get tacos, pizza, or bread to have with your beers.

Ni Hai Me no Beer : Details

  • Open : Weekdays 11:30 – 22:00 (L.O 21:30)
  • Closed :
  • Happy Hour :
  • Phone :
  • Homepage (in Japanese) :
  • Social Media : Instagram

Ni Hai Me no Beer : Location

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