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Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho in Ishikawacho, Kanagawa

by Rob
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Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho : The Bottom Line

If you like your hamburgers as much as I do, and you like your beer as much as I do, then get along to Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho for the best of them combined. I came across this place as a mistake, in spite of planning to go here for years, and I am so glad I did. The beers are priced as expected for the area – it’s Motomachi in spite of being Ishikawacho by name – and the burgers are delicious, though the fries leave a lot to be said. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and there is also some free wifi. Takeaway? They can do apparently.

Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho Inside

Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho : The Full Story

I was previously at Juicy Things Yokohama, and ate some of their fried chicken and a burger. Of course I was still hungry and wanted some more so off I went to find somewhere in Motomachi. If you don’t know Motomachi, then you should know it’s the Omotesando of Yokohama – overpriced shops for overreaching people with overdrafts up to their eyeballs to keep up with the Joneses – or Suzukis I guess. But somehow, Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho popped up without me realising. It’s been on my list of places to go since – well the site started but I had never found the time to get here. And in my time of need, or hunger, it appeared. I was startled. I was hungry. I thought about it. No, I didn’t. I saw they had hamburgers – not sliders, but hamburgers, and in I went.

If you haven’t read our reviews of Charcoal Green Bashamichi and the now, unfortunately closed, Charcoal Green Yoshidamachi, Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho is actually the first of the stores that opened up, with this one opening in 2016 or roundabout then with the others coming later.

Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho : Atmosphere & Interior

Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho is longer than it is wide with it stretching across the gap between two roads; however, the main entrance is on Motomachi-dori, so if you walk along the river, though there is a door there, they won’t let you in or out of it. The inside is painted, well green for starters, and there is lots of wood around the bar, but it’s a pretty airy and comfy place.


Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho has space for around 30 people, with 10 people at the bar counter and then the rest at tables dotted along the side and back walls. The whole place is non-smoking and has no table charge. There is also some free wifi too with details posted around the bar.

Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho : Approach to Covid-19

Besides the staff wearing masks, there wasn’t anything else of note. No plastic dividers, no social distancing, no alcohol sprays. However, when other customers arrived, it was the customers themselves that decided to move away from each other.

Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho : Beer & Tap Information

While Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho is primarily a restaurant, like the others, there is also a craft beer offering of 3 taps, though there is also Kirin Heartland on tap, so you can come here with your non-craft beer drinking friends. The beers come in two sizes: small (250 ml) at 750 yen and then regular (470 ml) at 980 yen with prices including tax. You may need to ask them to top up the beer, which the staff were willing to do. There is no happy hour or beer flights, but I did hear the staff say you could get takeaway beer but nothing else was mentioned.

Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho : Food Information

I have to be honest, but I came to Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho because I saw a sign that said “100% black angus burger” and I was sucked in. There are other options on the menu but for vegetarians, there wasn’t anything besides some salads, not even some vegetarian burgers. Everything is cooked on the charcoal grill, which kind of makes sense given the name of the bar, and the burgers and steaks are cooked medium-rare. If you to change this, then you have to tell them. The menus had some rudimentary English on them, enough to order. The prices all included tax.

On an aside, maybe I was hungry, maybe I had a beer too many – stop laughing at the back – but the burger was delicious though the bun could have done with being a bit smaller. Maybe I should make a site called BurgerTengoku?

Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho : Information

Charcoal Grill Green Ishikawacho : Location

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