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Shared Brewery in Hachioji, Tokyo

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Shared Brewery The Bottom Line

Shared Brewery is a decent little place that, while not the most accessible of places, it is definitely worth visiting if you can get there. The beers were a nice surprise, with being well-made to style and also tasty to boot. The whole place is non-smoking, has no table charge, and also has beers to takeaway, either in a growler that you bring in yourself, or using a crowler machine. The main to note is that there is no food on sale, so make sure you bring your own. There is also some free WiFi with Shared Brewery also being family friendly. While not specifically mentioned, there is a small drinking area outside the store for large groups.

Shared Brewery Inside

Shared Brewery The Full Review

Home brewing isn’t a big thing in Japan, well it’s not even a thing in Japan, so some entrepreneurs have come up with the idea of opening shared spaces where people can get brewing experience, hoping to lead onto bigger things. Shared Brewery is one of those places and is comprised of a brewery, where potential brewers can come in and make some beers, either to their own recipe or consult with the staff, with the subsequent beers available in bottles, or on tap in the bar next door. It’s a good concept to allow people to try brewing, and hopefully it will encourage more places to open.

Shared Brewery obtained its licence in September 2017, and obtained their brewing license the following January. It is run by Daisuke Kobayashi, CEO and brewer. Kobayashi-san decided to start brewing beer because he was originally interested in beer, but he got an MBA from Hosei University Graduate School of Business Administration / Graduate School of Innovation Management. It all started with creating a business model for manufacturing. He created a couple of business models, including those other than beer. One of them, the “Shared Brewery Business,” received high praise and received an award, and he received an investment, and thus decided to start a business.


Shared Brewery Atmosphere & Interior

Shared Brewery is a spacious place inside – lots of room for people to stand and chat, with a few places to sit down and drink – though not many mind! There’s space for about 10 people inside at what appeared to be a repurposed patio bench, and some sofas. There’s lots of standing room, and of course, no table charges as there is pretty much nowhere to sit. While it isn’t announced, drinkers can stand/sit outside the bar; however, make sure you look after your glasses.

In terms of distractions, there isn’t much besides being able to look at the sparkling stainless steel in the brewery next door. There was some background music playing on the day we went, and, like most places, it was loud enough to be heard, but not so loud to be a distraction to conversations. The whole place is non-smoking – that includes the area in front of the brewery too, to help incorporate a sense of community in the neighbourhood.

Shared Brewery Approach to Covid-19

With so much space inside, Shared Brewery operates a strong social distancing policy, restricting the number of people who may congregate inside. The staff were all wearing masks and there was plenty of alcohol spray around the bar too.

Shared Brewery Beer 1Shared Brewery Beer 2

Shared Brewery Beer & Tap Information

With Shared Brewery brewing a brewpub, there is a strong emphasis on the beers brewed on site, and the day we went, there were three taps of beers on, with the possibility of six taps when all the lines are being used. In terms of actual beers, the majority were those that had been brewed on site, with some guest domestic and imports also available in the form of cans and one draught beer. The beers come in two sizes: 1/2 US pint (240ml) from ¥600 and US pint (480ml) from ¥1,000 with prices including tax. There were some bottles of beers that had been brewed at Shared Brewery also available, from ¥700 per 350ml bottle. There wasn’t a happy hour, nor were there any beer flights; however, you can get beers to takeaway either as 500ml crowlers from ¥1000, or using your own growler at ¥2 per ml.

Shared Brewery Food Information

If there is any food at Shared Brewery then we completely missed it besides some random snacks on offer, such as nuts, so make sure you fill up before hand.

Shared Brewery Details

How to Get to Shared Brewery

The closest stations to Shared Brewery are Hirayamajōshi-kōen Station and Naganuma Station, both on the Keio Line. Shared Brewery is about a 10 minute walk from both stations.

Directions from Hirayamajōshi-kōen Station
Directions from Naganuma Station

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