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Enjoy Coffee & Beer in Komae, Tokyo

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Enjoy Coffee & Beer : The Bottom Line

Enjoy Coffee & Beer combines two of the things that I love – coffee and beer – and what more can you need at times? Coffee to wake you up for the long day ahead, and a beer or four to relax at the end of a long day. With comfortable seating, more about that later, and some tasty food, Enjoy Coffee & Beer ticks almost all of the right boxes for us but fails at perhaps the most important hurdle, price. If the beers were a tad cheaper then Enjoy Coffee & Beer would come highly recommended from us, but right now, it’s just recommended. The whole place is non-smoking, they have free Wifi, and also some takeaway beers on top.

Enjoy Coffee & Beer Inside

Enjoy Coffee & Beer : The Full Write Up

After our previous, but disappointing, incursion at Hakko Bistro Sake-ya Kitami, I was left wanting something a bit better for my money and more importantly, something tastier. Enjoy Coffee & Beer was just across the road; however, it wasn’t obvious that there was beer on sale, even though the name suggests that it does, all we saw was the name Enjoy emblazoned outside. After seeing some people sit outside with a beer, we did a quick check and saw, that in fact, ther was beer on sale.

Enjoy Coffee & Beer opened in August 2021, right in the middle of a State of Emergency, so for a long time, they were simply selling coffee, with cans to takeaway. The shop is located less than 3 minutes walk from Kitami station, just up the road from Hakko Bistro Sake-Ya.

The owners Shota Nakano and Yukie, who love craft beer and travel to the United States three times to drink beer and drink 1000 types of craft beer each year, said that they live in Kitami with beer and coffee.


Enjoy Coffee & Beer : Atmosphere and Interior

If you have been to Mikkeller Tokyo then the design of Enjoy Coffee & Beer might seem similar to you, especially with the outside seating. That was one of the factors that appealed to me to come and have a beer or two, the fact that you can sit outside, have a couple of beers, and watch the world go buy. Of course, if you’re inside, you can still pretty much do the same thing as the huge windows open up and you’re left with a very bright and breezy place, perfect for fine days.

Inside, there is space for around 15 people with various tables and counter seating dotted around the bar. The whole place is non-smoking, and there is no table charge either. The outside seating has space for around 8 people but does fill up fast on sunny days.

Enjoy Coffee & Beer : Approach to Covid-19

The approach at Enjoy Coffee & Beer was fairly basic, with some alcohol spray on offer, and groups being encouraged to sit apart where possible, but that was it.

Enjoy Coffee & Beer : Beer & Tap Information

There are up to 10 taps of craft beer at Enjoy Coffee & Beer with a split between domestic and imports. However, let’s get the elephant out of the way – Enjoy Coffee & Beer is not cheap. While it is not Beer Bar Lupulin level of prices, it certainly will cause some damage if you’re looking for a place to sit and drink a fair number of beers. I guess this is the price we have to pay now for craft beer in Japan. The beers come in two sizes : half US pint (235ml) from 800 yen, and then US pint (473ml) from 1200 yen, with their being no rhyme or reason as to how their pricing is done. There are no beer flights or happy hour; however, there is a bottle fridge that you can get beers to drink in, with a corkage fee, or takeaway. All of the prices include tax.

Enjoy Coffee & Beer Food

Enjoy Coffee & Beer : Food Information

I didn’t get a good look at the menu for food as when we arrived, there were two freshly cooked blocks of cha-shu sitting out on the counter to cool down so we went straight for that. It was plummy and sweet, if a tad dry, but with the boiled spinach helping out, it went fairly quickly. Enjoy Coffee & Beer has plenty of cakes though for those with a sweet tooth. The menus had a limited amount of English on them – enough to order but not enough for the descriptions.

Enjoy Coffee & Beer : Details

  • Open : Wednesday to Monday 12:00 – 22:30 (L.O Food 21:30 Drink 22:300)
  • Closed : Tuesdays
  • Happy Hour : None
  • Phone : N/A
  • Homepage : N/A
  • Social Media : Facebook

Enjoy Coffee & Beer : How To Get There

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