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Closed: Beer Bar Camiya in Kichijoji

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Beer Bar Camiya One Paragraph Review

Beer Bar Camiya may be a long ten-minute walk from Kichijoji station but it’s a walk that’s well worth it for some rarer beers, especially if you pick up a walking beer from Craft Beer Market near the station. The prices aren’t the cheapest we’ve seen but they do include tax and there was no table charge either along with the whole bar being non-smoking too. Be careful though as the bar doesn’t accept credit cards so make sure you have enough cash on you to pay for drinking. The owners spoke a little bit of English though the menus were all in Japanese. There was no Wi-Fi either available.

Beer Bar Camiya Inside

Quite quiet at 1pm on a Saturday.

Beer Bar Camiya Full Review

After hearing about Beer Bar Camiya from a friend, I’ve been meaning to get up there for a while and the BeerTengoku bar crawl took us up out of Craft Beer Market towards the bar, not before looking at Google Maps and thinking “heck, we need a beer for the journey”. Admittedly, a ten minute walk from the station isn’t far, but I was weary of becoming dehydrated and in need of some liquid refreshment.

Beer Bar Camiya is located about ten minutes north of JR Kichijoji station on what appears to be some back roads of the area. It’s pretty easy to find when you’re walking along as the sign outside is a big giveaway among the residential houses. It also has a bakery on-site as well and there were some kids and families popping in for bread, mouth aghast with foreigners sitting down at the bar. Guess most people don’t come out that far. There is space for about 10 people at the counter and three tables dotted around the bar. The atmosphere was very bright, with lots of natural light coming in and some western music being played in the background too. The whole place is non-smoking, including the tables by the open doors so that’s another positive going for it. I did ask about smoking areas outside the front but the owner was adamant that there was no smoking area nearby.

Beer Bar Camiya Tap ListBeer Cafe Camiya Kyoto Brewing Double Dragon
Is this Billy Lee or Jimmy Lee?
Beer Cafe Camiya Shiga Kogen Sonoju
Shiga Kogen No. 10 Anniversary Review here: https://beertengoku.com/2015/06/shiga-kogen-no-10-anniversary-ipa/
Beer Cafe Camiya Onidensetsu Beer Framboise
Lots of raspberries in this one.

There are eight taps on at Beer Bar Camiya, with a 50/50 split between domestic craft beer and imported craft beer. Beers come in four sizes: flight for 100ml at ¥350 to ¥450, small for 260ml at ¥750 to ¥1,000, regular for 400ml at ¥950 to ¥1,1150 and finally UK pint size for 580ml at ¥1,350 to ¥1600 and all prices included tax. The imported beers were at the expensive range of the scale, with the domestic craft beers being the cheapest. The prices aren’t as cheap as other bars in the area but then without then there is no table charge either. Unfortunately, there is no happy hour either so the prices don’t get any cheaper than that.


Beer Bar Camiya Chips Need you ask!

I didn’t have any food at Beer Bar Camiya besides the chips but that was to be expected after filling up at Craft Beer Market. However, I did check out the chips and the bar uses the same style of machine that can be found at Yokohama Bay Brewing. The chips were as tasty at Beer Bar Camiya as there were at Yokohama Bay Brewing and came with a small dipping bowl of salt as well.

Beer Bar Camiya Details

Open: Monday to Thursday 15:00-24:00 (L.O 23:30), Friday to Sunday 11:00-24:00 (L.O 23:30) National holidays 15:00-24:00 (L.O 23:30)

Happy hour: None

Phone: 0422-27-5718

SNS: Facebook / Twitter

How to Get to Beer Bar Camiya

The closest station to Beer Bar Camiya is JR Kichijoji. Take exit A2 and then straight until you get to Kichijoji Station North junction then turn right and take the second left. Walk straight and turn right at the next junction. The bar is on your left.

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