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Nomcraft Brewing Information

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Nomcraft Brewing is a Japanese microbrewery located in Aridagawa, in Wakayama, Japan. The brewery is run by three people: Ben Emrich from Portland, Adam Baran from Chicago, and Takumi Kaneko, a PR manager from Aichi. Due to a local event in Osaka, Adam became interested in Aridagawa because of the Portland Fair being held in Hanshin Department Store, Osaka. It gave them a point of contacti with Aridagawa Town, and Ben contacted the staff of the town development group of Arita River and gave a presentation on the brewery. Nomcraft Brewing is located in an old nursery school in Aridagawa that has been renovated and is being used as a complex facility , besides the brewery. Nomcraft Brewing started brewing in May 2019.

Nomcraft Brewing Lineup

The following are some of the beers we’ve had from Nomcraft Brewing:

  • Nomcraft 5 Strings – a 6.5% NE-IPA brewed in collaboration with Len Kyoto Kawaramachi in Kawaramachi Kyoto and was brewed for their 5th anniversary.
  • Nomcraft Bright Skies – a 7% West Coast IPA brewed using a blend of 5 different hops: Azacca, Denali, El Dorado, Galaxy, and Magnum.
  • Nomcraft Golden Ale – a 5.5% golden ale brewed with 5 different hops: Hallertau Blanc, Magnum, Mandarina Bavaria, Mosaic, and Summit.
  • Nomcraft Hoppy the Barbarian – a 7% American IPA that uses the Conan strain of yeast – the same one that is rumoured to be contained in The Alchemist’s Heady Topper, the infamous NE-IPA that perhaps started off the haze craze.
  • Nomcraft Let’s Go West – a 6.5% West Coast Pale Ale brewed using 7 different kinds of hops: Cascade, Citra, El Dorado, Galaxy, Halletau Blan, Topaz, and Yellow Sub.
  • Nomcraft Sansho Skies – 7% West Coast Pale that contains sansho, also known as Japanese Pepper, but this beer uses a locally found variant known as “budo sansho” is used in this beer with the base recipe being the same as the Nomcraft Bright Skies.

Nomcraft Brewing Articles

The following are some of the articles we’ve had with Nomcraft Brewing:

Nomcraft Brewing Details

Address: 546 Nagata, Aridagawa, Arida District, Wakayama 643-0854


Phone: N/A

Homepage (in Japanese):

Brewery Store:

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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