Heiwa Craft Beer Information

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Heiwa Craft Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Kainan, in Wakayama prefecture, Japan. The brewery opened in May 2015, with its parent company being a sake distillery that was founded in 1928 – relatively young for a sake distillery in Japan. Like other sake distilleries, the parent company wanted to use the premises for when sake is not …


Voyager Brewing Information

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Voyager Brewing is a craft beer brewery located in Tanabe city, in Wakayama prefecture in Japan. Voyager Brewing that started brewing beer in October 2016 but actually opened in 2015 once all the equipment from Canada had been sourced and brought over. The brewery uses Canadian and German malt and hops from America, Germany, and Czech Republic and uses water …

Nagisa Beer Information

Nagisa Beer is a craft beer brewery located in Shirahama, Wakayama, Japan. They opened on 18th November¬†1996, a couple of years after the Japanese government had reduced the amount of beer needed for a licence, and the brewery is considered to be one of the first wave of Japanese craft breweries.Nagisa Beer obtained their licence to brew beer the year …