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Let’s Beer Works Information

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Let’s Beer Works is a Japanese brewpub located in Higashi-Jujo, in Tokyo, Japan. Let’s Beer Works encompasses a taproom as well, though the taproom opened later in March 2020 with the brewery itself coming a few months earlier in January 2020. At the of writing, the brewery encompases a 500L mash tun with a 500L boil kettle though batches tend to be smaller than the 500L written. There are also three 500L fermentation tanks in the brewery, which is perhaps one of the most jam packed you’ll see in Tokyo.

Let’s Beer Works : Regular Lineup

The following are some of Let’s Beer Works’ regular beers that we’ve had:

Let’s Beer Works : Articles

The following are some other content about Let’s Beer Works:

Let’s Beer Works : Information

Let’s Beer Works : Location

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