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Nomcraft Bright Skies by Nomcraft Brewing

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Nomcraft Bright Skies・ノンクラフトブライトスカイズ

Nomcraft Bright Skies is a 7% West Coast IPA from Nomcraft Brewing based in Aridagawa, in Wakayama, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in both bottles and on tap. Nomcraft Bright Skies is brewed using a blend of 5 different hops: Azacca, Denali, El Dorado, Galaxy, and Magnum.

Nomcraft Bright Skies・ノンクラフトブライトスカイズ

Nomcraft Bright Skies Aroma and Taste

Nomcraft Bright Skies poured out a golden honey colour with a faint amount of pure white head on top that faded fast to a few bubbles around the outside of the glass. Nomcraft Bright Skies had an orange aroma with hints of lemon and grapefruit, with just the faintest of sweetness from the malts. Once it had warmed up, there was a subtle, yet noticeable, spicy nose to the beer – not quite a sharp peppery note but definitely something there that cut through the citrusy orange and lemon.

The orange and lemon were the most prominent flavours in the body that had a distinct hoppy bite to it, though it didn’t last long as the sweetness from the malts helped carry it away. Nomcraft Bright Skies was very clean drinking and had the alcohol hidden well – at 7% it’s not going to be a slow sipping beer but it’s dangerous, especially when it is slightly chilled. Once it had warmed up, a faint pine and pineapple quality to it that just laid beneath the surface during drinking – it was easy to miss but letting Nomcraft Bright Skies warm up was a wise move. The lingering citrus notes carried on through into the aftertaste, with a sticky edge to them.


Nomcraft Bright Skies The Bottom Line

Nomcraft Bright Skies is a classic West Coast IPA with tropical flavours to boot.

Where to Buy Nomcraft Bright Skies

Nomcraft Bright Skies can be bought online at the following places:

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