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Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ in Kumamoto, Kyushu

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Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ The Bottom Line

If it wasn’t for the outright smoking across the bar, then Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ would come highly recommended – it’s a shame as both inside and outside are very comfortable and relaxing. In spite of this, Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ does a good job in promoting local craft beer and with the interesting beer flight option available, it at least goes some way into helping promote craft beer in Kumamoto. There is no table charge and the prices include tax with the menus having enough English on the menu to order with. In terms of food, the options are a bit sparse so make sure you get something to eat beforehand. Moreover, if you like cycling, then make sure you take the time to look around and enjoy some of the paraphernalia around the bar.

Beer Bar Ble' Ble' Inside・ブレブレ店内

Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ The Full Review

Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ was the first bar on the little trip to Kyushu and after much walking around the area, I ended up finding it. It was quite early in the evening and I had been walking around what appeared to be the upmarket area for shopping Kumamoto, so I was a little taken aback when what appeared to be a bicycle store was actually a craft beer bar too. It seems that other people had the same idea, as by the time I left Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’, some cyclists had the same idea as me and racked their bikes before grabbing some food and what I hoped was non-alcoholic drinks. (Drink riding is illegal in Japan so don’t drink and ride your bicycle – Editor)

Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ is near Karashimacho on the Kumamoto City Tram system – a quaint couple of lines that run through and out of the city – and is about a 5 minute walk from it. Inside, there is space for about 6 people at tables, another 6 people standing at the counter, and then about 4 people outside at the tables when the weather is nice. There is no table charge at Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ ; however, it is fully smoking, both inside and out, which kind of put a dampener on things. In spite of that, the atmosphere was very chilled inside, with people mingling and chatting to one another and bicycles on the wall. The bicycles were locked up – I’m guessing some drunks may have tried to “borrow” a bicycle in the past perhaps?

Beer Bar Ble' Ble' Beer 1・ブレブレビール1Beer Bar Ble' Ble' Beer 2・ブレブレビール2Beer Bar Ble' Ble' Beer 3・ブレブレビール3Beer Bar Ble' Ble' Beer 4・ブレブレビール4

In terms of taps, Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ has 7 taps of craft beer with a heavy leaning towards local beers on tap. The beers come in two sizes: local Kumamoto beers at ¥800 for 380ml, and other guest beers at the same price but for sizes from 200ml. There is no happy hour but there is a beer flight at Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ which costs ¥2,000 for 3 beers from the 7 beers on the menu in 380ml glasses and you also get some snacks included for that price too. While it may seem a lot, it’s perhaps the best value on the menu, and you can also add additional beers for ¥500 at a time. All of the prices include tax as well, so there’s no sudden surprise at the end of your drinking session.

There isn’t much in terms of food at Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ so it’s probably a good idea to get something beforehand. There were some small nibbles and snacks on the menu, but nothing of substance to fill you up.

Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ Details

Open: Wednesday to Monday 15:00 – 01:00 (L.O Food 0:00 Drink 0:30)

Closed: Tuesdays

Phone: 096-354-4645

Happy Hour: N/A

Homepage (in Japanese): N/A

Social Media: N/A

How to Get to Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’

The closest station to Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ is Karashimacho on the Kumamoto City Tram System

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