Patreon Guide #10 – Kumamoto

Patreon Kumamoto

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Ohashi Denki in Kumamoto, Kyushu

Ohashi Denki Front・大橋電機フロント

Ohashi Denki The Bottom Line If you don’t mind walking for a bit, and are sure that Ohashi Denki is open then it’s a bar worthy of a visit. While Ohashi Denki isn’t really designed for sticking around – it’s standing room only here – there is more enough to keep you entertained with its quaint interior and friendly owner …


Craft Beer Bar Oiseau in Kumamoto, Kyushu

Craft Beer Bar Oiseau Front・クラフトビールバーオワゾーフロント

Craft Beer Bar Oiseau The Bottom Line Craft Beer Bar Oiseau is everything I want in a craft beer bar, and no doubt you’ll enjoy it too if are in the area. The atmosphere is chilled and friendly, a good range of local craft beer on tap, and with some tasty food as well. To round-off the enjoyable experience, the …

Voyager Craft Beer & Book Bar in Kumamoto, Kyushu

Voyager Craft Beer & Book Bar Front・クラフトビール&ブックバーフロント

Voyager Craft Beer & Book Bar The Bottom Line I was expecting Voyager Craft Beer & Book Bar to be one thing – i.e. a taproom fro Voyager Craft Beer in the area – but it turned out to be something else, and I rather enjoyed it there. It was a shame that it was so quiet on the day that …

Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ in Kumamoto, Kyushu

Ble' Ble' ・ブレブレ

Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ The Bottom Line If it wasn’t for the outright smoking across the bar, then Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ would come highly recommended – it’s a shame as both inside and outside are very comfortable and relaxing. In spite of this, Beer Bar Ble’ Ble’ does a good job in promoting local craft beer and with the …

Herringbone in Kumamoto, Kumamoto

Herringbone Logo

Herringbone One Paragraph Review Overall, Herringbone is another great place to drink, which I would often go to if I lived there, and will certainly visit when I’m back. The bar is smoking though. Herringbone Full Review I was told about Herringbone by the staff at Voyager, and, although it’s website suggested it was a wine bar, it proved to …