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Beer Bar Jan in Yotsuya, Tokyo

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Beer Bar Jan The Bottom Line

Beer Bar Jan is basically Biere Cave Jan Bar but located in Yotusya instead. It’s got the same atmosphere, the same kind of menus, the same kind of food. Even the bar manager is the same. The only thing that is different about it really is the number of taps. If you’re in the area, the non-smoking atmosphere and tax included prices is a welcome addition though the prices are on the expensive side. Alas, Beer Bar Jan suffers from the same fate as it’s predecessor in that if you’re a vegetarian, you might find it hard to get some non-meat food here as everything seemed to have either chicken or sausage as its base.

Beer Bar Jan Inside・ビールバーJAN店内

Beer Bar Jan The Full Review

Beer Bar Jan popped up on the Twitter feed one day and our interest was piqued. The name rung a bell “beer bar Jan” – could it really have been the same place that I had enjoyed in Kannai. A quick conversation on Twitter occurred and yes, it turned out that, for all intents and purposes, it was the same. So off we went..

Beer Bar Jan opened in August 2018 and is located between Yotsuya and Yotsuya-Sanchome stations. It may be a bit hard to find Beer Bar Jan, as it’s located on the second floor of what is the main drinking area in Yotsuya it seems – lots of alleyways to get lost in and bars to stumble into; however, the soothing jazz coming out of the window made it a bit easier to find. Beer Bar Jan is narrow – perhaps as narrow as its predecessor was – but somehow there is space for about 15 people to sit in there – about 7 at the counter depending on how close you want the chairs to be and another 8 at tables by the window. However, if you want to come in just for a quick beer, there is also a small standing area by the entrance where you can have just a quick beer and then leave. Beer Bar Jan is also non-smoking and doesn’t have any table charges either – so you can sit or stand up.

Beer Bar Jan Beer 1・ビールバーJANビール1Beer Bar Jan Beer 2・ビールバーJANビール2Beer Bar Jan Beer 3・ビールバーJANビール3

The tap list at Beer Bar Jan is based around domestic beers, with four taps of domestic craft beer and one tap of macro lager, usually Sapporo. The styles on tap vary and the beers come in two sizes: medium size (273ml) for ¥850 and large beers (473ml) for ¥1200 with both sizes including tax. The beers were well served and the bar manager was happy to top up the beer if the head was too large – sound familiar, right? There was no happy hour nor beer flights, nor was there any discount for standing up and drinking.

When we went to Beer Bar Jan, annoyingly enough, there was no food on for some reason but the bar manager assured us that nothing had changed from the Yokohama branch that once existed. A quick glance over the menu to check proved it was literally the same so vegetarians would probably struggle to find anything on the menu. Moreover, all the menus are full on in Japanese so it would be worthwhile either using the handy Google Translate application or coming with a Japanese friend to help translate.

Beer Bar Jan Details

Open: Monday to Saturday 17:00 – 24:00 (L.O Food 23:00 Drink 23:30)

Closed: Sundays unless Monday is a national holiday, then closed Mondays.

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 03-3226-1556

Homepage (in Japanese): https://beerbarjan.com/

Social Media: Twitter

How to Get to Beer Bar Jan

The closest stations to Beer Bar Jan are Yotsuya [JR East Chūō Main Line / Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Tokyo Metro Namboku Line] and Yotsuya-Sanchome [Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line].

Directions from Yotsuya
Directions from Yotsuya-Sanchome

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