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Home Bar Review Y Market Brewing Taproom in Nagoya, Aichi

Y Market Brewing Taproom in Nagoya, Aichi

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Y Market Brewing Taproom The Bottom Line

There’s no better place than a brewery to get the freshest beers going, and with Y Market Brewing Taproom, you have another choice after Y Market Brewing Kitchen to do that. However, Y Market Brewing Taproom is a trek out of the city to do it, so it’s probably only the die-hard Y Market Brewing fans that will try to get here. However, if you’re in Nagoya for a weekend then it would be worth a visit – as it’s only open at the weekend. The makeshift beer crate seating and table is a fun little idea, akin to what Kyoto Brewing Company Taproom do at the weekends. The whole place is non-smoking inside and of course, has no table charges. Prices also include tax and there are also canned beers, fresh from the brewery, for you to take home as “souvenirs”. Just make sure you take some food with you.

Y Market Brewing Taproom Inside 1 ・ワイマーケットブルーイングタップルーム店内1Y Market Brewing Taproom Inside 2 ・ワイマーケットブルーイングタップルーム店内2

Y Market Brewing Taproom The Full Review

Y Market Brewing Taproom is located RIGHT next to the brewery. As in RIGHT next to the office of the brewery. While the brewery has been around since November 2018, the taproom itself didn’t open up until February 2019. After our interview with Y Market Brewing while we were in Nagoya, Y Market Brewing Taproom was always the obvious choice for some post interview drinking. And seeing as there isn’t much else in the area – we’re talking an industrial area, then of course we were going to have some.

Y Market Brewing Taproom is located in the middle of an industrial site, with Kami-Otai the nearest station, though it is a 15 minute walk away. The taproom itself is a small wooden-like box that is all-standing inside, with a very quaint beer crate table and seat setup outside. The inside is non-smoking and has no table charge and the outside drinking area is also non-smoking too.

Y Market Brewing Taproom Beer 1 ・ワイマーケットブルーイングタップルームビール1Y Market Brewing Taproom Beer 2 ・ワイマーケットブルーイングタップルームビール2Y Market Brewing Taproom Beer 3・ワイマーケットブルーイングタップルームビール3

With Y Market Brewing Taproom being the taproom for Y Market Brewing, of course there are no beers on from other breweries in Japan, but we like Y Market Brewing’s beers so we’re happy with that. There are 8 taps of beers which come in . You can also buy cans to takeaway, though they can’t be drunk on site. There’s no happy hour on at Y Market Brewing Taproom, nor are there any beer flights.


In terms of food, there’s a few snacks and bar nibbles available, but it’s a good idea to take your own food along. It would have been nice to have seen a food truck as there were quite a few people from the local area by the time we left, but hopefully in the future, this will happen. If you do take your own food, there aren’t any places for rubbish so make sure you take yours home with you.

Y Market Brewing Taproom Details

Open: Weekends 12:00 – 18:00 (L.O 17:30)

Closed: Weekdays

Happy Hour: None

Phone: N/A

Homepage (in Japanese):

Social Media: Facebook

How to Get to Y Market Brewing Taproom

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