Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale by Wakuwaku Tezukuri Farm Kawakita

Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale 北陸ビールアンバーエール

Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale is a 5% amber ale from Wakuwaku Tezukuri Farm Kawakita, based in Ishikawa, Japan. It’s part of their regular lineup and can be found in cans in the Hokuriku region, which consists of Ishikawa, Fukui, and Toyama, but not Niigata for this beer – who knows, but that’s some serious shade / beef going on there.

Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale 北陸ビールアンバーエール

Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale Aroma and Taste

Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale poured out a copper amber colour with a fluffy white head on top that faded fast. It had a sweet, caramel aroma with a light dusting of earth hoppy notes, but not much else came through when chilled. There was some buttery notes once Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale had warmed up, which, while not unpleasant, did distract from the flavours of the malts and hops.

The body had a straightforward malt caramel flavour with just an underlying hoppy bitterness. Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale remained with those flavours throughout drinking – neither pushing the boat out in malt or hoppy flavours, but a butteriness did make an appearance once it had warmed up to room temperature. The lingering butteriness, combined with the caramel, was ok but just had hints of some oxidation to it too.

Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale The Bottom

I guess if you’re in the Hokuriku region and want an amber ale, then Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale is ok. But there are much better ones out there.

Where to Buy Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale

Hokuriku Beer Amber Ale can only be bought in the Hokuriku region.

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