Locobeer Peanuts Jiro by Locobeer

Locobeer Peanuts Jiro ロコビアピーナッツジロのミルクスタウト

Locobeer Peanuts Jiro, also known as Locobeer Peanuts Jiro no Milk Stout, is a 5% milk stout from Locobeer, based in Chiba, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition collaborative range, and was brewed for Beer O’Clock, a craft beer bar in Chiba, and their sixth anniversary, and Bistro Recolte’s second anniversary. These combined anniversaries meant that 8 different malts were used to make Locobeer Peanuts Jiro.

Locobeer Peanuts Jiro ロコビアピーナッツジロのミルクスタウト

Locobeer Peanuts Jiro Aroma and Taste

Locobeer Peanuts Jiro poured out a pitch black colour with a thick tan head on top that clung to the side of the glass throughout drinking. Locobeer Peanuts Jiro had a strong chocolate and creamy, coffee aroma to it, along with some hints of lactose going on too. The aromas were well balanced but the peanut butter aroma to it reminded me somewhat of Belching Beaver’s Peanut Milk Stout – a beer that I really like.

The body to Locobeer Peanuts Jiro was as smooth as the nose, with the coffee and chocolate flavours being soft and velvety, rather than abrasive as found in some stouts. The lactose brought a creamy body to Locobeer Peanuts Jiro, but was not overpowering and thankfully had left the sometimes cheesy flavours associated with it at the dairy. The most surprising thing about the beer was how thick the body felt compared to it being only 5% – this wasn’t imperial stout thick, but it could support the flavours.

Locobeer Peanuts Jiro The Bottom Line

Locobeer should go ahead and make Locobeer Peanuts Jiro a regular beer – damn nice!

Where to Buy Locobeer Peanuts Jiro

Locobeer Peanuts Jiro can be bought online at the following places:

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