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Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA by Hansharo Beer

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Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA is a 7% NE-IPA from Hansharo Beer, based in Shizuoka, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition range and can be found in bottles and on tap in limited places. The name “mousho” roughly translates into “general” – which either makes Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA a bog-standard NE-IPA, or one of the most important. Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA is primarily brewed using Cascade hops.

Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA・反射炉猛将ヘイジーIPA

Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA Aroma and Taste

I mentioned in a post on our social media a few weeks back about this beer – it really did look like a glass of muddy vomit had been poured into the glass – not appetising in the slightest. However, the aroma was a lot better than Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA looked, but that’s not really that hard. There was a large lemon and grapefruits nose, along with some hints of tropical fruits such as pineapple and passionfruit. It actually smelt pretty good but being fresh helped that.

The body had an initial juiciness *shudder* to it that reminded me of orange juice with bits in, but the plethora of fruity flavours going on were pretty good. Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA had next to no bitterness in it but it did have the “in-house” flavour that Hansharo Beer tend to produce in most of their beers – perhaps the yeast, perhaps some weird infection – but there was a slight phenolic kick to it. Even though it’s 7%, the alcohol didn’t come through at all until the beer had warmed up but at that point, the alcohol was quite hot and the chloride flavour was noticeable in it.


Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA The Bottom Line

When slightly chilled, Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA was a good example of a NE-IPA. Just don’t let it warm up.

Where to Buy Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA

Hansharo Mousho Hazy IPA can be bought online at the following places:

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