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Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold by Ise Kadoya 

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Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold is a 4% golden ale from Ise Kadoya, based in Mie, Japan. It’s part of their “hanakin” range of using yeast harvested from wild species of plants with Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold using yeast from marigolds – hence the ‘gold’ part of the name. At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold will be released again or if it is a one-off run.

Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold 伊勢角屋はなきんゴールド

Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold Aroma and Taste

Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold poured our a hazy golden orange colour with a light frothy white head on top that collapsed into a thin ring of bubbles around the edge of the glass. There was a distinct sour edge to the aroma of the beer which also had a light biscuit malty aroma coming through as well. Some hints of peaches also made a fleeting appearance before the sour note came back again.

At 4%, Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold didn’t have any booziness coming through, nor did have any once it had warmed up. It did have a slightly bitter wheaty edge to its taste throughout drinking, as well as some hints of lemon too. The flavours did end up feeling a bit one-dimensional in the end.


Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold The Bottom Line

While the concept of using yeasts harvested from varying plants is interesting, Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold just felt flat.

Where to Buy Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold

Ise Kadoya Hanakin Gold can be bought online at the following places:

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