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AJB Bread by Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company

by Rob
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AJB Bread is a 4.5% golden ale from Anglo-Japanese Brewing Company, based in Nozawa-Onsen, in Nagano, Japan. It’s part of their limited edition lineup and can be primarily found in bottles, with a limited amount of it going towards taps across Japan. As the name suggests, AJB Bread is brewed using bread, with this being a collaboration with Bricolage Bread & Co., based in Roppongi, Tokyo. For every bottle sold, 1% of the profits goes towards 530 week, a group that promotes 0% wastage of food across Japan. At the time of writing, it’s unknown whether AJB Bread is a one-off or not.

AJB Bread・AJBブレッド

AJB Bread Aroma and Taste

Not having to compare AJB Bread against was a fun thing for this review. The colour to AJB Bread was an orangey brown one with a plump white head on top – not as light as your atypical golden ale. The aroma though was definitely bready; however, there are malts that do that anyway, but the spicy rye like quality to AJB Bread, along with a subtle hint of lemon was interesting.

AJB Bread had an initial light lemony bite to it, until the bready and doughy body came in. It wasn’t a thick or overly powerful punch to it, but it was quite rich compared to what a golden ale is usually like. There was also slight funky yeast taste to it but nothing off-putting or out of balance. AJB Bread finished off with a lingering chewy bready quality to it, but the lemon brought some lightness to it.


AJB Bread The Bottom Line

An interesting take on a beer, though one is enough.

Where to Buy AJB Bread

AJB Bread can be bought online at the following places:

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