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Beer Pub Brick Lane in Nagoya, Aichi

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Beer Pub Brick Lane The Bottom Line

Beer Pub Brick Lane was an off-the-cuff visit in search of some food, but turned out to be a lot better than expected and I’d happily go again – if someone else is paying for me. While the prices are on the more expensive side for Nagoya i.e. there were very expensive, at least there was a decent selection of beers from across Japan and also a variety of styles on tap too. The beers were also well served too. The whole place is non-smoking and also offers up pay-as-you-go drinking – a bonus for those wanting to keep track of these things. There is also some free Wifi, the menus have a limited amount of English on the (enough to order), and there is no table charge either. For those vegetarians readers of BeerTengoku, there is a limited amount on the menu so make sure you’ve eaten before coming here.

Beer Pub Brick Lane Inside・ビアパブ ブリックレーン店内

Beer Pub Brick Lane The Full Review

Beer Pub Brick Lane opened in July 2014 in what can only be described as an office block tower. A strange place to offer up craft beer; however, Beer Pub Brick Lane also specialises in handmade hamburgers for both lunchtime and dinner – so office workers can sit and dream about having a sly beer or two during their late lunch breaks.

Beer Pub Brick Lane is located about a five minute walk from both Fushimi and Marunouchi stations, both on the Nagoya city subway. You could walk it from Kokusai center but take one stop more and walk back on yourself. Beer Pub Brick Lane has space inside for about 30 people, with about 7 seats at the counter and 24 or so dotted around. It was hard to tell exactly as some people had moved around the tables but there is plenty of space. The whole place is non-smoking and there is also no table charge too – both big positives in our book.

Beer Pub Brick Lane Beer 1・ビアパブ ブリックレーンビール1Beer Pub Brick Lane Beer 2・ビアパブ ブリックレーンビール2Beer Pub Brick Lane Beer 3・ビアパブ ブリックレーンビール3

There are 10 taps of craft beer on at Beer Pub Brick Lane, though when we went, only 8 taps were on. There was a surprisingly wide variety of beers on tap too – stouts, pale ales, sours, and also barleywines! Clearly they had heard we were coming but I did think better about ordering a pint of barleywine on such a warm day – there was still walking to be done. The beers come in two sizes: half pint (240ml) from ¥850 to ¥1,000 and pints (473ml) from ¥1,350 to ¥1,400. The prices put Beer Pub Brick Lane at the more expensive side in Nagoya; however, like many other places, the prices did include tax for a change. Beer Pub Brick Lane also had a four beer tasting set which got you 4 x 100ml glasses for ¥1,550 – still on the pricey end but beer flights were one of the rarer items we’ve seen in Nagoya. Unfortunately there was no happy hour – kind of a surprise for prices this high.

Beer Pub Brick Lane Food 1・ビアパブ ブリックレーンフード1Beer Pub Brick Lane Food 2・ビアパブ ブリックレーンフード2Beer Pub Brick Lane Food 3・ビアパブ ブリックレーンフード3

The food at Beer Pub Brick Lane is primarily based around hamburgers and some fried food. If you’re vegetarian then there is a really limited choice for you – some jalapeno poppers or some onion rings or perhaps a few pickles. And the portions were on the skimpy side but thankfully the menus did have English on them so you at least know what you are getting.

Beer Pub Brick Lane Details

Open: Daily 14:00 – 00:00 (LO Food: 23:00 Drink 23:30)

Happy Hour: None

Phone: 052-212-7088

Homepage (in Japanese): http://bricklane.nagoya/

Social Media: Facebook / Instagram

How to Get to Beer Pub Brick Lane

Directions from Fushimi Station

Directions from Marunouchi Station

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