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Far Yeast Daidarabot by Far Yeast Brewing Company

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Far Yeast Daidarabot is a 6.7% saison from Far Yeast Brewing Company, based in Yamanashi, Japan. It’s part of their collaborative lineup, with this one being brewed with Gigantic Brewing for the Hood to Fuji project. From Far Yeast Brewing Company “It is fermented on the same Saison yeast as Far Yeast Tokyo White and hopped with Oregon Crystal hops according to Gigantic Brewing. DAIDARABOT is a made-up word from “Daidarabotchi,” giant supernatural monsters in Japanese mythology, and “Robot” who famously appears in the label art of Gigantic Brewing Company. The bottle label shows Ginormo, Gigantic Brewing Company’s robot, emerging from the mountains surrounding Kosuge Village where Far Yeast Brewery is based.”

Far Yeast Daidarabot・ファーイーストダイダラボット

Far Yeast Daidarabot Aroma and Taste

Yes, Far Yeast Daidarabot is a saison. Yes, I’m using an IPA glass for it. Yes, I know I am going to be lambasted for it as well. But when you put the words “juicy” into the title of your beer, then I think “IPA”.

Far Yeast Daidarabot poured out a hazy dark golden orange colour with a large amount of frothy white head on top – perhaps because of the glass or because it’s a saison? The aroma though – wow – I was impressed. Lots of tropical fruits coming off it – pineapple, grapefruit, mango, with some oranges and lemons thrown in too. And also some light peppery dustings too that came through nice due to the contrast in aromas.


The body was dry though like a saison, but rich and fruity in the body with a fair amount of sweetness too. The fruitiness of Far Yeast Daidarabot can not be understated – so much going on that I did think this was an IPA after drinking so much of it. It’s a shame though that the saison aspect didn’t come through more; however, that same spiciness did bring some distraction from the amount of fruit going on. The lingering fruitiness was slightly sticky, with just some residual hints of it remaining on the palate.

Far Yeast Daidarabot The Bottom Line

Who would have thought a fruity saison like this would work? A nice effort and good change from the usual suspects.

Where to buy Far Yeast Daidarabot

Far Yeast Daidarabot can be bought online at the following places:

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